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Hitachi develops breath-alcohol detection device with facial recognition

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

Hitachi has developed a prototype system for a new breath-alcohol detection device with facial recognition attendance software free capabilities.
Since developing a prototype with Honda R&D Co. in March 2016, Hitachi has been conducting further research to increase online timesheet software the reliability of the sensor, reduce its size, and develop application software.
In March 2017, Hitachi conducted field tests involving employees at three sales offices of Hitachi Capital Auto Lease to verify the practicality of the new breath-alcohol detection device — namely, to figure out whether the mobile prototype can collect and manage drivers’ alcohol test data on smartphones.
The prototype provided the convenience of testing the device in any location, and prevented tampering by being able to digital locks distinguish whether or not the sample submitted was human breath.
However, the team identified two key issues: first, the possibility of abuse by a substitute taking the test instead of the actual driver; and second, the need finger scan to be able to centrally manage test data from each keypad lock driver in fleet situations.
To address these issues, Hitachi developed a function to prevent the use of substitutes as well as enabling central management of alcohol test data.

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