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Biometric Technology Application trend

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

“One of the key challenges today for banking as the world becomes more digital is making it easier for customers to do what they want to do in a safe and secure way.”
in India, a country which has been leading the charge towards biometric technology with its Aadhaar biometric system, is now extending the service – following a directive from the Reserve Bank of India – into all banks across the nation, with a deadline for introduction of June 30.
We know here at Huifan that biometrics can bring security and convenience to authentication. The intrinsic link with identity is a great platform from which to build strong solutions. That’s why we focus on Biometric product and solution. As such, we see it as a natural evolution for the banking world, and its customers, to adopt biometric technology in security solutions all around the world.