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The Sales Competition for The Fist Quarter Commendation Meeting

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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On May 6th, Huifan Tech Sales Team held the first quarter sales competition commendation meeting in Chongqing headquarter meeting room.

During the meeting, fist part was for every sales person, to give a short speech to make a conclusion for each sales and set new sale plan for the next quarter, each team member and leader gave us a wonderful conclusion and a promising sales target for the next season. And then, we had a small game to expose each member’s disadvantages, in case to help each team member to have a better improvement in works and daily life as well. The third part was for the award ceremony. Asia team got the top reward in the competition, top sales for April was Kelly from Euro team, Shenzhen sales team was the big winner, too. Because the top sales person was Tracy, the best freshman was Daniel, both were in Shenzhen sales team, Kelly and Cherry were in the second and third place. Let’s congratulations! We will do better in the next season.