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The Last Week For 2017 First Season Sales Competition

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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This is the first week of May, it is quite special for the whole Huifan Tech Sales team members, because it is also the last week for our 2017 first season sales competition. All of our sales team are expecting the final results.

Right now, from the sales data sheet, regarding to the target finishing rate, at the top two team is Euro and Asia sales team, which is 85.72% VS 93.23% (PK finishing rate). If any of the sales teams finished the target amount before May 6th , then the team will have the chance to arrange a trip to any of the great sightseeing in China mainland.

Which sales team will win this competition? We will see by the end of this week.May 6th! It will be a great event for Huifan Tech.