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Business Trip to Philippines Handheld Terminals Are Becoming More and More Popular

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Fingerprint Identification Device ManufacturerFingerprint Identification Device ManufacturerFingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Our Asian Market Team Leader Jane and Supervisor Vicky visited four local customers in Manila yesterday. Reviewed our years good business history together, and got feedback about our sold products been used in their hands or end users. Also analyzed the whole marketing situations, about the biometric devices marketing trends, where the break through point is, according to their visits, we found the handheld terminlas are becoming more and more popular, customers are focusing on cloud data management in a mobile way. When Jane recommended them our hot sale product HF FP05 & HF FP07, they are excited on this, wish to test and order more in their future orders.