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HFsecurity's succeed biometrics projects

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-08-14

HFsecurity's succeed biometrics projects


HFSecurity has specialized in biometric hardware manufactory and SDK development, including fingerprint scanner, biometric handheld tablet, fingerprint vein reader, android attendance and access control.

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer


1. E-voting: 2016-2017 Angola President Election, totally 9.32 million, applied 2,500 units HF7000 for new voter registration and verfication.


2. SIM Registration: Ufone/PTCL Pakistan, HF4000, HF7000 and FP05

                                 Airtel Nigeria, FP05

                                Tigo/TTCL/Airtel/Halotel, HF4000/HF4000plus/HF7000


3. E-Government: Nigeria Tax Registration, HF7000

                             Ghana Social Protection: HF7000/FP05


4. Bank AFIS: Pakistan UBL/Meezan Bank

                       South Africa FNB


5. Cloud Attendance Management: UK National Hospital, Kenya Patrol Guarding, Nigeria Agriculture Bank for farming


6. Healthcare: South Africa/Ghana AIDS prevention, HF4000/FP07

                         Thailand Medical distribution, HF4000



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