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Icon Provides Latest Clue Concerning iPad Face ID

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-08-06

There’s now more evidence that Apple is planning to bring its Face ID authentication system to the next version of the iPad.
The latest clue, like the last one, comes by way of a beta version of iOS 12, Apple’s mobile operating system. As 9to5Mac reports, someone has discovered an icon in iOS 12 that seems to depict an iPad with thin bezels and no home button, with the latter in particular suggesting that Apple is once again ditching its Touch ID fingerprint scanning system on a new device.
Its replacement is, of course, anticipated to be Face ID, Apple’s infrared, 3D facial recognition system. It’s worth noting that the icon does not include the notch that houses the sensors needed for Face ID in the iPhone X; but given that Apple has shown little commitment to emerging in-display fingerprint scanning technology, and that it’s highly unlikely to put out a flagship product with no form of biometric authentication, it’s a fair bet that the Face ID sensors will be somewhere in the device’s bezel.
Speculation about Face ID on this year’s iPad model is already pretty widespread, but this iOS 12 icon is one of the most tangible and promising pieces of evidence to emerge yet that it’s really in the works. We’ll know more, of course, when Apple officially announces its new product lineup this autumn.