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BioID partners with Keyp

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-08-02

BioID, a ”Biometrics-as-a-Service” firm, has announced a cooperation with Munich Startup Keyp.
The integration of BioID’s biometric authentication into the Keyp identity ecosystem uses face recognition with liveness detection. It is used device-independently without the need of special hardware like a 3D camera. 
Clients of the "Keyp Identity Platform-as-a-Service“ can incorporate biometric authentication for their processes simply by means of drag-and-drop.
BioID secures online identities for individuals and companies through unique and fraud-proof authentication. In particular, BioID’s powerful liveness detection ensures user presence and detects spoofingusing images, videos or avatars.
“We are happy to welcome Keyp yet another member to join the growing community who are using our BioID Web Service (BWS)”, says BioID CEO Ho Chang. “Sharing the same vision that users must be in control of their data and privacy, Keyp’s unique biometric-ready identity ecosystem is an excellent platform for companies to implement an IDAM solution that empowers their users throughout the whole identity lifecycle.”
"Our aim is to provide a secure and verified digital identity for every citizen through a decentralized identity infrastructure which is controlled by the user “, Maximilian C. Moehring, Co-Founder and CEO of Keyp explains. "The sharing of data or identity attributes such as age, gender etc., are always under the full control of their owner.”