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how to buy facial recognition thermal scanner

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-10-11

How to buy facial recognition thermal scanner?

Before you buy, you need to know the following information

HFSecurity How To Buy Facial Recognition Thermal Scanner

What is Facial Terminal Scanner

The RA08T is an AI facial recognition thermal scanner that can be installed anywhere for non-contact temperature and attendance recording. The device is equipped with a face or mask recognition system and an infrared thermal imaging module for efficient and reliable temperature checks. Automatic alerts are issued when abnormal temperatures are detected. safeEntry QR codes can also be integrated into the device upon request. Free installation service and training is included.
The RA08T combines facial recognition and fever detection. Designed with state-of-the-art sensor technology, its temperature detection range is up to 2 meters, providing a security check for staff and visitors before entering the premises or grounds. If the device detects an abnormal person temperature, the face recognition temperature detection application will send a command to the access control system, which will then close the door access and send an alarm to inform the security administrator of the abnormal condition.

Why is infrared technology suitable as a temperature scanner?

Fever is an important symptom of COVID19 infection is an elevated body temperature. According to the IEC 80601-2-59 standard, screening thermography devices should have basic safety and essential performance as an effective non-contact, accurate and reproducible means of quickly screening individuals for fever. There is also an ISO standard, ISO/TR 13154:2017, that specifies guidelines for deployment, implementation and operation to minimize the spread of infectious diseases

The selection of a facial recognition temperature scanner should offer several advantages


Due to the infectious nature of COVID19, you should not have direct contact with anyone, even during testing. Otherwise, proper self-protection and disinfection of the test equipment is required for each test.


The accuracy of the fever detection system should be less than plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius, and this difference can get the ready test results. If the device's accuracy exceeds 0.5 degrees Celsius, the temperature detection function is ineffective and it is easy to let go of many people with abnormal temperatures.

Large-scale screening

Manual screening with handheld infrared thermometers is impractical and time consuming in high traffic areas. The latest technology allows multiple screenings of up to 20 people at a time and automatically captures their pictures when a fever is detected.

Fast reading

Current technology allows readings to be done in less than a second. With a multi-screen system, the temperature is displayed for each detected face.

10 technical answers about facial recognition temperature detection


How is facial recognition processed?

Temperature and facial recognition compares your image with the device's locally stored facial database. With the help of biometrics, it distinguishes between a live face (a living body) and a photo, and denies access if someone tries to scan the photo. It can recognize faces even when wearing a shield and supports 1:1 and N:1 face recognition algorithms for greater accuracy. Face recognition of a 30,000 person face database can be completed in one second.

What is the accuracy rate of face recognition scanning?

The recognition rate of 1:1 comparison is over 99.7%, and the accuracy rate of live detection is 98.3%. Face recognition temperature detection access control devices are generally within 1S can be identified through.Even if you are wearing a mask is also possible to carry out accurate face recognition has been matched

Is it smart enough to distinguish other hot objects, such as "hot coffee" and fever?

It only scans faces and not other objects. However, if you put a hot cup of coffee close to your face, the heat scanner will not read correctly because the temperature in front of the face will increase.

Is it possible to add ID and fingerprint scanners?

Yes, add optional peripherals, including ID cards and fingerprint scanners. Faces are matched to ID cards and fingerprints to improve accuracy. Other peripherals are also supported, including IC card readers and QR code readers.

Are temperature and facial recognition connected to doors, gates, peripherals and networks?

Industry standard interfaces (Wegen, relay, RS-232) for door and gate control. USB interface for connecting peripherals and firmware updates. Network management we provide two interfaces one is Ethernet TCP/IP interface, one is WIFI wireless connection

Does the detection of a fever send an alarm?

Yes. When a temperature rise is detected the alarm sounds and the indicator flashes red. When the alarm is off, it says "temperature abnormal + red light" in a friendly voice.

What security data is stored on the device and is it secure?

One of the most basic features of the temperature recognition face detection device is the access control security feature. The access control security feature does not require a network connection and can be used offline. When we register a face, the facial information is already in the database. In addition to the registered person, the face access control machine also needs to turn on the stranger broadcast mode, capture stranger information and record the time of entry and exit.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Thermal Scan

How many devices are recommended per customer or number of employees?

Assuming they are at least 6 feet apart, a temperature and facial recognition can scan about 15 people per minute. You can determine how many units you need based on how quickly employees enter the facility entry point in a given time period.

Does temperature and facial recognition detect if a mask is being worn?

Yes, if you are not wearing a mask, the system will also broadcast an alert tone to prompt you to wear a good mask.If the person is not wearing a mask, you can select additional protection to deny entry. The indicator light will also flash red and the device will ask the user to put on a mask to gain access.

Is the temperature and facial recognition hands-free operation?

The embedded thermal and facial recognition sensors have quality, data assurance.

The use of the RA08T face recognition temperature thermal scanner is the first basic measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The RA08T allows you to pair a thermal camera with facial recognition software and a people directory. Employees check in by standing in front of a camera or kiosk, which recognizes them by their face and performs a thermal scan at the same time.
RA08T is based on linux system and installs face recognition temperature measurement application. Built-in face recognition camera module and infrared thermometer, capable of personnel access management and temperature detection. It can be used with access control and time and attendance of public service places such as neighborhoods, office buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots and transportation hubs.
In terms of authentication, RA series facial temperature scanners all provide multiple authentication methods such as face, QR code, MiFare card and password, allowing enterprises and organizations to assign different authentication protocols to different levels of employees. While live detection can prevent fraudulent identities and additional dry contacts for additional gate or access control, all of these features enhance the private security of the premises.
The central management system must be flexible and user-friendly so that it is easy for administrators to use. Administrators manage IDs and set schedules through the central management system platform and can perform daily monitoring based on the log reports and temperature reports generated. It significantly improves the operational efficiency of management and security staff, saving them time to increase productivity.
Face Recognition Thermal Scan
The RA08T features a thermal imaging access control system with built-in facial recognition technology. The device supports 9 different modes of installation and use, depending on its requirements and the environment in which it is used, and is also equipped with platform software for more powerful and versatile functionality. RA08T face recognition scanning technology combines infrared temperature measurement technology and AI (artificial intelligence) face recognition scanning technology to provide security. Easy to install and set up, it is equally easy to use, requiring only the user to stand in front of the device to complete the user identification and temperature measurement process quickly and efficiently. The device has a built-in alarm device, if the user's body temperature exceeds the average normal value of the human body, the device will sound an alarm and restrict the user's access to the system. This is an ideal device for use in a variety of environments or applications, especially in areas that require monitoring of foot traffic, traffic and security management, especially in stores, offices, schools and much more.

Product Features: Temperature Scanner with Face Recognition

  • Each face is unique and cannot be copied to prevent counterfeiting
  • Affordable price under $500, not only for use during the COVID outbreak, but also for long-term investment
  • Capable of non-contact and hygienic range identification
  • Accurate detection of body temperature (±0.3 accuracy)
  • Measuring distance 0.5-1.5 m. Although not far (compared to high-end - airport mass security. Measuring distance 2-6m) but enough to control the flow of people by queuing up to stand to meet most scenarios.
  • Automatic alarm when abnormal temperature is detected
  • Accurate recognition of different angles, lights or faces
  • Simultaneous detection and recognition of multiple faces; high recognition efficiency
  • Access control
  • Simple self-installation
  • Capable of scanning 10 people simultaneously without delaying mobile traffic People do not need to stop during scanning
  • It will still be available long after the future COVID pandemic is over It can be used for employee time and attendance, building or room access control The added benefit is a plus.
  • The RA08T high quality and intelligent thermal imaging access control system is well suited for a range of applications such as managing office and school access and attendance, using rapid screening technology to monitor and detect human temperature
  • Wide dynamic binocular HD camera with face recognition speed ≤ 0.2, supporting face recognition in complex lighting environments
  • In addition, intelligent AI technology supports facial recognition of people wearing glasses, masks, etc., ensuring that detection is still performed with the highest level of accuracy
  • High accuracy of infrared temperature measurement, accuracy up to ± 0.3°C, while integrating abnormal body temperature alarm to prevent further access, reduce cross-infection and further verification before entry
  • Temperature records, visitor records and entry/exit records can all be managed simultaneously through a centralized management system
  • The thermal imaging camera is an ideal non-contact facial recognition system, providing a highly accurate and efficient solution for temperature measurement, time and attendance, and access control in a variety of environments
  • The access control system has a 8" color screen with 1080P@25fps resolution and supports face detection tracking and optimization
HFSecurity Face Recognition Thermal Scan Device Terminal

Which industries use the Thermal Detection Series?

HFSecurity access control solutions are designed for area perimeters or building entrances where facial recognition is integrated with a door or turnstile to allow or deny access. This can also be used in conjunction with an entrance pass that acts as a second token.
Given the ability of HFSecurity's RA Series facial temperature terminal scanners to reliably identify authorized personnel, organizations can automate payroll processes to prevent errors and "buddy punching"; restrict areas such as data centers to specific employees; and immediately identify missing persons in the event of an emergency.
Our solution monitors faces and positively matches them to a database that includes employees, contractors and visitors. If a person in the database does not match, a push alert is displayed on the monitoring display so that the appropriate personnel can react to respond quickly to unauthorized access.
For the security of the work environment, HFSecurity can also customize a facial recognition server for enterprises to use for monitoring in commercial buildings. The server finds matches in a large dataset of faces, compares them to faces on a watch list, and sends alerts to security personnel when a person of interest is identified. 
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