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facial recognition time clock with temperature

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-10-08

What is all-in-one  face recognition time clock with temperature device? 

Face recognition body temperature detection one machine as the name implies is face recognition, body temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection as one dynamic temperature measurement type face recognition terminal. In addition to the above functions there are also blacklist warning, people over the shadow, live detection and other functions.
Face recognition body temperature detection all-in-one machine has the characteristics of fast recognition speed, high accuracy rate and large list library capacity. It is suitable for community, campus, scenic spot, hotel, shopping mall, enterprise office building, public service place, construction site and other areas that need identification and access control.
Product features.
Support external high-precision infrared body temperature detection module to achieve non-contact self-service measurement of human body temperature, reducing the risk of cross-infection
Support abnormal body temperature voice alarm, and block the passage
Support background PC system centralized management of body temperature, visitors, white list and other access records, real-time traceability of data.
Huifan Technology's facial recognition clock has temperature scanning function, which is an ideal solution for the company when resuming work
Huifan's advanced facial recognition/temperature detection clock is paired with Face Recognition App, a cloud-based time and attendance software solution that saves time and optimizes labor resources to improve prevention and security.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Time Clock Temperature Device
The facial recognition biometric clock with integrated thermal temperature detection serves as an ideal solution for many businesses returning to work in the field and for others to begin to scale as the economy heats up. The RA08T facial recognition temperature measurement combines several essential features of biometric security, including instant identity verification, thermal sensor temperature scanning and employee time clock punching.
"As the economy continues to improve, most companies have begun to return to their offices and expand their workforce to start back to work and production, so protecting the health and safety of their employees is the first concern for employers. Small businesses need a versatile clock that provides speed and biometric security," said Mike Wang, CEO of Huifan Technology. "Huifan Technology provides this by adding thermal temperature scanning."
The RA Series facial recognition temperature detection device speeds up the shift timing process so employees can get to work without delay. It confirms identity in less than a second by measuring key indicators on the employee's face. At the same time, the clock scans the employee's body temperature as they clock in. If the temperature is above a configurable threshold, this stops the employee from clocking in and does not record the number of times clocked in. This gives managers the opportunity to discreetly address issues before employees enter the work area. Keeping sick employees out of the work environment can prevent business outbreaks.
Huifan's Face Recognition solution ensures that small businesses can properly track payroll hours, secure data, prevent partner punching, remotely screen for fever and provide a sanitary punching experience with minimal contact.

Temperature Recognition Integrated with Face Recognition App

Importantly, the Temperature Recognition Facial Time Clock syncs with the Face Recognition App to provide an end-to-end, scalable HR solution tailored specifically for small businesses. the Face Recognition App cloud-based software does not yet support features including time and labor, applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits enrollment and performance management.

About HFSecurity Face Recognition Temperature Clock

Huifan also offers HR technology solutions designed specifically for the way small businesses work. With a clear and responsive "get in and get the job done" user interface, the solution minimizes compliance challenges, increases productivity, and allows time to quickly assess the needs of small businesses.
Secure employees in your facility with RA Series contactless facial recognition clocks. Facial recognition software punches employees even when they are wearing masks, and temperature scanners ensure they are physically fit while on the job.
  • The hands-free biometric clock system eliminates partner punching.
  • Employees can be recognized even with masks on.
  • LED lights provide enhanced image capture.
  • Includes a voice recognition microphone.
  • Temperature scanner ensures employee wellness.
  • Plug-and-play setup in seconds via Wi-Fi or LAN connection.
  • Cloud software provides real-time security, HR and time data.
  • Cloud stores lockdowns, overtime alerts, payroll exports, PTO management, geo-fencing and other data in 1 location.
  • Unlimited employee capacity.
  • Run real-time reports and export directly to Excel for simple payroll.
  • Employees can clock in, request time off and view their card data on the app.
  • Backed by the manufacturer's full lifetime warranty.
HFSecurity Facial Recognition Clock System with Temperature Detection
Facial Recognition Clock System with Temperature Detection
The RA08T facial recognition clock system with Covidien algorithm, a highly sensitive temperature recognition algorithm, is the ideal time and attendance solution for Huifan customers to ensure their employees are working.. The clocks feature the latest facial recognition technology, which includes a face mask detection option. The thermal temperature scanner is integrated into the clock function to effectively prevent employees with potential viruses from clocking in.
Contactless technology ensures that security is a top priority.

Clocks with facial recognition

Facial recognition clocks have been around for years. Due to the massive explosion of COVID-19, biometric employee time and attendance clocks are once again in the forefront and the time and attendance algorithm is not being perfected, facial recognition time and attendance software can recognize employees in less than 1S and can can auto-zoom according to the position the face is in. Good user interface
  • Facial biometrics for up to 20,000 face
  • Identify registered users in less than a second
  • Multi-dimensional face recognition technology
  • Intelligent algorithm automatically adjusts templates to any feature change in the user's appearance
  • Adapts to low light and environments
  • Optional mask detection technology to identify if employees are wearing masks
  • Thermal scan clock for Covid-19 prevention
HFSecurity Thermal Scan Clock For COVID-19 Prevention
A contactless facial recognition clock is only half the battle when it comes to employee safety. Optional thermal imaging adds another layer of security by sensing an employee's body temperature while they are on or off duty.
  • Remote body temperature detection
  • Anti-punch option
  • Ensure the safety of your employees
  • Facial recognition temperature time clock for COVID-19 health code recognition

Four reasons why you should use a facial temperature clock

  • Simple--Simple for your employees
Employees are able to complete attendance clocking with great ease using the facial recognition temperature attendance system.
The employee only needs to stand in front of the facial recognition device, and the device will match the facial recognition and never determine whether the punching is successful or not
  • Secure--Prevent partner punching and stop the spread
Biometric facial recognition readers accurately identify each employee and are a great way to address time theft and partner punching as well as help stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • Contactless--Fast, accurate, hygienic and non-contact.
The technology is fast, accurate, hygienic and non-contact. These time systems use the latest technology to scan and identify employees based on the most advanced facial recognition algorithms.
HFSecurity Biometric Solution Provider
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