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face recognition thermometer device guide

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-11-17

The creation of automatic new coronal pneumonia, how to prevent and control it has become a global discussion together. The emergence of facial recognition human infrared thermometer has become an effective, new means. Based on its non-contact, efficient and easy-to-use features, facial recognition infrared thermometer has been widely used by transportation, airports, hospitals, government agencies, etc.
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Infrared thermometer classification
The common human infrared thermometer can be divided into two categories:
  1. Thermopile infrared thermography rapid human body temperature screening equipment
  2. Infrared thermometer
Thermopile infrared thermal imaging human body questions rapid screening equipment can be installed in crowded public places for large-scale detection, fully automatic tracking, high-temperature area warning, invisible light video with each other, rapid detection and tracking of high body temperature personnel. Electric heat stack infrared thermal imaging human body temperature rapid screening device in the integration of face recognition, cell phone probes and other technologies, but also to grasp the higher body temperature staff of other information. Infrared ear thermometer and infrared forehead thermometer are both infrared thermometers. Infrared thermometer is simple to operate, easy to use, cost-effective, and can be used to complete the sequence of staff rapid temperature measurement. Basic principle and accurate measurement method The heat of the human body is released into the natural environment in the form of radiant heat. The human body infrared thermometer detects the radiated heat of the human body according to the built-in controller, thus completing the purpose of measuring body temperature.
Infrared thermography rapid human body temperature screening instrument uses infrared thermometer technology to make non-contact rapid and accurate measurement of human environmental temperature, and is an instrument that issues an alarm when the measured temperature reaches or exceeds a preset alarm temperature value.The infrared ear thermometer works by identifying the temperature based on the infrared radiation between the ear hole and the tympanic membrane and the detector; it can accurately measure the location of the human eardrum. The ear hole must be cleared before accurate measurement, and the camera must be accurately measured in the deep ear hole.
Equipped with circumferential earmuff application to prevent multiple infections. Infrared forehead thermometer is an instrument that uses the exchange of infrared radiation between the skin and the detector and appropriate emissivity adjustment to accurately measure the skin temperature. The temperature of the human forehead is the most accurate location for identification. Aim the thermometer gun at the center of the forehead. If sweat is present, it should be wiped. The recommended distance from the forehead is 1-3 cm. The advantages of infrared thermometry: First, it does not touch the target to be measured and is less likely to cause additional sensation when measuring body temperature; second, it is fast, generally accurate measurement time is less than one second and generally not easily exceeds 2 seconds. Therefore, it is very suitable for the prevention and treatment of hyperthermic diseases.
RA08T Facial recognition infrared thermometry device
RA08T facial recognition infrared temperature measurement equipment combines access control, facial recognition, temperature screening together, facial recognition function using AI automatic facial algorithm, using Face++ algorithm, temperature measurement module can quickly identify the detection of abnormal temperature people in the crowd, combined with the basic access control function, facial recognition through, the temperature of normal people can only pass
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Based on the temperature measurement function, RA08T is also compatible with the health code recognition function and ID card verification function, which truly achieves the function of authentication in one.
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