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Face Recogntion Attendance VS Fingerprint Scanner System

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-02-24

How does face time and attendance beat other biometric systems?
Traditionally, companies have used thumb-based time and attendance systems, which can be a good alternative to card-based systems. They are not perfect and have faced many setbacks in terms of reliability and security.  In recent years, face recognition technology has attracted attention. While large companies have been quick to upgrade to face recognition time and attendance systems, many mid-sized organizations are still using older technology. 
face recognition attendance sytem with fingerprint scanner system
Is it worth it to upgrade face time and attendance systems? Let's take an objective look at biometric systems. 
How does a face recognition time and attendance system work?
The system stores a database of faces. A screen, usually a Huifan face recognition machine, is placed at the entrance and employees must simply walk towards it. A match is triggered with the database and attendance is captured within a second. 
Devices such as face recognition attendance machines are based on a giant deer at each base position between the human face, so any changes in facial features or fashion accessories will not affect their ability to return accurate results. 
Will facial attendance systems be better than fingerprint attendance systems?
Thumb-based time and attendance systems have external factors that can affect the accuracy of fingerprint recognition, such as fingerprint wear, fading, and the absence of fingerprints due to injury.
Attendance system based on facial face recognition, because the recognition is the 3D structure of the human face, the human skeleton is generally not easily changed, here we do not discuss the case of surgery or transplantation, the cost of this case is too large, we do not explore within
Non-contact security:
face recognition better than fingerprint scanner
With the outbreak of COVID-19, the concept of contactless time and attendance system is deeply rooted in people's hearts.
Fingerprint-based time and attendance system needs to touch the sensor with finger, and get the fingerprint information through the sensor to transmit to the backstage database. Although fingerprint can't do non-contact time and attendance, but due to the lightness of fingerprint module, the development is more stable, and fingerprint will be used as a competitive item in some large activities, and it is recognized that the security of fingerprint will be stronger than that of facial recognition.
The undeniable thing is that in the next facial recognition market, the non-contact face recognition facial system will also have its own place
Hardware systems:
From the type of time and attendance we can probably judge which hardware is needed for both types of time and attendance software.
Based on the fingerprint recognition attendance system, the indispensable hardware is the fingerprint module, there are several kinds of fingerprint modules commonly used in the market, capacitive sensor, optical sensor, thermal sensor. Next is the main board system, currently a mature fingerprint recognition attendance system can be compatible with windows, linux, ios, android, data transmission can be done by wired USB transmission, wireless Bluetooth transmission.
Face recognition based facial attendance system, generally the user selects the operating system he needs, I want android system, windows system, once selected, in the next period of time may be as long as a system, if you need to change to other systems, it may need to purchase another system. The face-based facial attendance system has complete attendance rules, commuting attendance, personnel salary calculation, and security access control authority setting. In terms of the kinds of attendance rules, the advantages of face recognition attendance system are greatly superior to fingerprint attendance system.
HFSecurity 8 inch face recognition attendance system
Frequently asked questions.
Which biometric time and attendance system is more reliable and accurate?
No matter how mature the development of time and attendance system is, it can't meet all the functions. Choosing a more reliable and accurate system depends on our existing specific needs to choose the most suitable manufacturer and hardware.
Huifan Technology as a company with 17 years of biometric manufacturing solutions, involved in different government programs in different countries, it is our pride to be your partner.
Which biometric time and attendance system is more affordable?
In terms of price level, single fingerprint device is relatively cheaper, the cost of ten finger rolling collection fingerprint device will be higher, his technology as well as features will be richer
The price of face recognition based time and attendance system is more expensive compared with fingerprint, but the system of time and attendance system should be considered from many aspects, after-sales service, product quality, logistics.
Make a wise decision
There are many choices today. Not every fingerprint system or every face time attendance system is created equal. Evaluate the options between different vendors or brands and make an informed choice. Be sure to ask the following questions.
  1. Are there geographical limitations to the time and attendance system?
  2. Does the system require hardware installation and maintenance? 
  3. Does the system have mobile-based time and attendance capabilities?
  4. What is the shelf life of the system?
  5. What countries has the system been used in?
Asking the right questions will help you choose the most advanced biometric time and attendance system. 
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