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face recognition kiosk guide

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-09-01

What is facial recognition kisok information

Face recognition self-service kisok terminal is a kind of equipment based on facial recognition, a series of functions derived from the basis of facial recognition, such as identity recognition, self-service code scanning, self-service ordering, printing, face recognition temperature measurement terminal body temperature kiosk  and other functions


What does the face information recognition kiosk contain


1) Face image acquisition

Face recognition hardware built-in high-definition camera, adjustable camera direction, convenient for different heights of people to take pictures, the program automatically captures face photos.

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2)Data transmission

  Face recognition hardware contains an RJ45 network port, an OTG interface, which can send data such as personnel photo identity information and comparison result log to the background management system, and can be configured and managed by the management system for the terminal.


3) OCR recognition

The face recognition hardware is configured with a high-definition document photo camera and uses text recognition (OCR) technology to automatically extract ID information (such as name, ID number, address, etc.) and headshot screenshots.


4) Fingerprint image acquisition
The face recognition hardware has a built-in fingerprint collection module that meets the standards of the Ministry of Public Security to collect flat fingerprint images.


5) Intelligent verification
The face recognition hardware activates the verification procedure by swiping the card or fingerprint, then collects fingerprints and takes face photos, and the device has an intelligent voice prompt function to guide the verification process and ensure the accuracy of verification.



What scenarios are face information recognition kiosks applicable to


Due to the development of artificial intelligence face recognition, as a biometric technology based on facial feature information, it has been applied to more fields. Face recognition technology includes face feature extraction, face detection and recognition, face verification, etc. It matches the image to be recognized with the image stored in the database to recognize the identity of a person. Undeniably, it has attracted widespread attention with its secure and intelligent operation mode, and has brought many benefits to our daily life. So what scenarios is face recognition technology applied to?


(1) Identity verification real person comparison

  For example, in some railroad security systems, public security organs, mobile police and some special occasions, we can use a variety of nuclear technologies such as certificate recognition, live detection and face comparison to quickly identify whether the user is a "real person" and "in person", which not only improve business efficiency, and reduce the cost of manual audit.


 (2) Face recognition self-service terminal

That is, the face recognition system is embedded in the self-service equipment/portable mobile terminal, and the face recognition technology is used to compare the photo collected on site with the existing photo and ID card photo and provide the face similarity value, so that the staff can judge whether to pass directly or conduct manual audit according to the similarity value. At present, this teaching method carries out widely used in commercial banks, securities and other financial development industries, such as self-service card opening, business demand change, password reset and other services.


(3) Face recognition attendance

Face recognition technology application attendance is mainly used in schools, enterprises and institutions. Face recognition intelligent terminal can automatically capture face information by means of face remote detection and can quickly recognize face information. Combined with school/company attendance management system, it can quickly generate attendance records, which not only improves attendance efficiency, but also ensures employees to work on time. It is worth mentioning that the smartphone terminal that face carries out recognition can also be linked with the gate to realize the triage management of research personnel inside and outside the company, which is safer, smarter and more convenient and can get to ensure the correct attendance of students.


(4) face recognition of access control

That is, security, the field is also one of the most widely used areas. Simply put, face recognition access control combines face recognition technology and access control system, face recognition is compared to the key to open access control; of course, it can be linked to the gate, the permission to open the door can be achieved through the "face" rather than the card. Compared with traditional access control systems, face recognition access control systems do not require any media to open the door, not only to avoid the trouble of forgetting to bring keys or cards, but also to save a lot of costs. For example, one does not need to change door locks, keys, IC cards, etc. But only the face needs to be re-registered. In short, it plays a very important role in enhancing regional security management, such as community management, office buildings, education and medical care, communication base stations, elevator control, etc.


Station ticketing scene, the use of face recognition self-checkout terminal 

Nowadays, people buy tickets in two ways: online and offline, and offline ticketing has the ticketing methods of manual ticketing at windows and self-service ticketing at intelligent terminals. Passengers purchase tickets online, by entering their ID cards and selecting the frequency for real-name ticketing, and do not need to take tickets when checking in. You can also brush your ID card to compare your face through the face recognition self-service cashier terminal and self-service ticket collection, without queuing up at the manual window to collect tickets.


Offline self-service ticketing, on the basis of manual ticketing at the window, a face recognition self-service cashier terminal is added, which can provide passengers with a variety of ticketing methods and ease the pressure of manual cashier. Passengers through the intelligent terminal self-service ticketing, through the scene "brush face" and ID card information comparison, to ensure that the person card unity, identification can be successfully paid, and payment can be made through the code payment, face payment and other mobile payment methods, complete the purchase of tickets can be printed instantly or send the electronic information of the ticket to the public number followed by passengers, so that offline The purchase of tickets is more convenient.

"Brush face" security check, fast entry into the station

Passengers who purchase tickets online through ID cards or offline self-service tickets can check their tickets by "swiping their faces" when entering the station, verifying their ID cards through face recognition, quickly completing the three-in-one authentication of person, card and ticket, improving the efficiency of ticket checking and reducing the pressure of staff ticket checking.


Through face recognition real-name ticketing system, you can realize "brush your face" into the station and enhance the passenger's experience of entering the station. At the same time, it effectively combats the phenomenon of ticket selling at high prices by scalpers and protects people's rights and interests.

The application of face recognition self-service cashier terminal in ticketing scenarios, in addition to self-service ticketing applications at stations, can also be applied in scenic spots, cinemas, amusement parks and other ticketing scenarios to enrich people's ticketing methods and provide more convenient services. Want to know more about the smart solutions for different scenes?


Self-service supermarkets

Can self-service cashier of supermarket bring benefits to supermarkets? The answer is yes, supermarket self-service cash registers can help operators reduce costs and increase efficiency by condensing all the manual cashier links into one self-service cash register, allowing customers to complete self-checkout without queuing, greatly reducing the workload of cashiers and reducing customers' queuing time at supermarket cashier counters. This is where the advantages of supermarket self-service cash registers lie, so they are welcomed by customers and supermarket operators.


At present, some supermarket self-service cash registers on the market also have a face payment function, which can enhance the efficiency of self-checkout cashier. According to the first to introduce face payment self-checkout machine Rosen convenience store statistics, the proportion of customers using face payment in convenience stores is 16%-20%, which is in the CBD and other prime locations of the customer groups using face payment ratio is higher than the traditional community convenience store groups.


It is worth noting that these new self-service terminals introduce face recognition function. Applied to face payment, the verification method of 3D structured light face recognition can enhance transaction security and prevent theft attacks of photos, videos and 3D masks. At the same time, the intelligent self-service terminal comes with accurate face recognition function, which can also be used as identity verification function.


As we know, to realize self-checkout, self-service cash registers need to have 1D code and 2D code sweeping frame (preferably 2-in-1 sweeping frame), small ticket printer and even face recognition camera. The intelligent self-service terminal to be developed with intelligent hardware is to add or subtract from the functions of these parts, for example, by embedding ID card identification module or social security card, it can be used for visitor list registration and number collection in government halls, and it can also be applied in hospitals and other scenarios to realize self-service registration, self-service bill payment and report inquiry, report printing and other functions, empowering multiple application scenarios through intelligent self-service terminals.


The lighter version of the self-service cash register adopts a lighter and thinner plastic shell, weighing only 10.5KG, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and supports wall-mounted, desktop, vertical, vertical with tray and other installation methods.


The lighter version of the self-service cash register can be used as an intelligent large-screen ordering machine and self-service cash register, supporting such functions as face payment, code payment, NFC payment, small ticket printing and face recognition, etc. It can also add ID card recognition function and social security card recognition through secondary development.

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How to buy face recognition kiosk



Face recognition self-service identification terminal once the enterprise put into use, or need to use a period of time, so choose a reliable supplier as well as the brand matter a very important aspect, the



Face recognition self-service terminal can develop a lot of functions, go oh we want to confirm that we want the demand thing deep, when we are very clear about our needs, this time we then go with the supplier will be very clear docking, do not need to spend extra costs



Face recognition self-recognition terminal after-sales maintenance also need to consider, have the development ability as well as the maintenance ability of the company; if in the local maintenance point that will be a good program




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