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6 reasons to use face recognition access control system

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-07-16

After the face recognition access control system emerged on the market, as the technology became more mature, this system was gradually applied in various places. For example, the access to the community, the company's access control attendance records, the prison's monitoring management, and the security precautions of important departments have become more and more widely accessed. Face recognition access control systems are gradually being widely used in the market.
When it comes to face recognition, you must be familiar with it. Mobile phone unlocking, app login, mobile payment, etc. can all be used for face recognition. Even high-speed rail stations, train stations, and airports have begun to use face recognition. With the continuous advancement of technology, the application of face recognition will become more and more extensive, not only in some public places need to use face recognition, even ordinary companies will also be fancy face recognition technology. After all, the face recognition access control system is very important for an enterprise, especially a large-scale enterprise.
Once the traditional access control system encounters the user's loss or omission of the access control card, the user will be embarrassed to pass through, and the technology has developed rapidly. The access control technology has followed in the footsteps, introducing biometric technology, rapid innovation and integration into the market. Fingerprint recognition is one of the access control cards. Leap forward, but due to the type of work, users often encounter fingerprints, wet hands, dust, etc., and still cannot pass the access control.
Compared with the above types of access control, the advantages of face recognition access control are particularly obvious. Recognition is based on the facial features of the human body, without the need to bring a card, and do not worry about other problems. Free your hands and pass the face by brushing, so the face Identifying access control systems has a unique advantage in this regard.
So, what role does the face recognition access control system have for the enterprise, and what benefits can it bring.
HFSecurity RA08T Face Recognition Access Control System
Face recognition is a kind of biometric technology based on human facial feature information for identity recognition. For the input face image or video stream, first determine whether there is a face, if there is a face, then further give each The position and size of each face and the position information of each major facial organ. Then, based on this information, further extract the identity feature data contained in each face, and compare it with the known face, so as to identify the identity of each face, so the face recognition technology is simple to operate, the results are intuitive and concealed The characteristics of good sex and so on, it has several advantages such as non-mandatory, non-contact and concurrency.
1. High efficiency
For enterprises, the first advantage of the face recognition access control system is that they can manage internal employees more efficiently. The reason why face recognition management is efficient is because it is more convenient and more efficient than ordinary attendance machines.
In the past, when an enterprise manages internal employee attendance, it is often managed by a punch card machine. Although the punch card machine can also manage employee attendance, there is a drawback to the punch card machine attendance. That is, it is impossible to control whether the punch card employee is himself or even someone Pretending to be a punch card, which is undoubtedly a big economic loss for the company, especially for large companies, this situation is not uncommon.
But with the face recognition access control system, if you want to pretend to be useless, you will naturally standardize the management of the enterprise, and the face recognition access control system is also very accurate and efficient.
2. Convenience
The reason why many companies like the face recognition access control system is because this face recognition system can more easily manage foreign visitors. Although the company's security personnel can also manage visitors and manage them by registration, the efficiency is relatively low, and the security issues such as inaccurate information are difficult to view and save. Face recognition has unique characteristics and is not easy to be copied. The data can be saved in real-time in the background and pass through without feeling, greatly improving the visitor experience.
For small businesses, there are not many visitors every day, so it’s okay for security personnel to register. If it is a relatively large-scale enterprise with a large number of visitors, natural security personnel will be overwhelmed. If you encounter a very important visitor, long-term waiting will also greatly discount the image of the company and will be detrimental to the development of the company.
With the face recognition access control system, you can easily avoid these problems, you can more easily manage incoming and outgoing visitors, and you can also have records to check, fast, and can greatly enhance the image of the enterprise in the eyes of visitors, face recognition is undoubtedly If the enterprise adds points, the application will be well received by everyone.
3. Output ratio
Why is the face recognition access control management system so widely used? In addition to the advantages given by face recognition, but also because the face recognition access control system can greatly reduce the manpower investment of enterprises or community properties, and save certain expenses for enterprises, after all, with efficient and accurate staff or visitor access management, The number of security personnel can be streamlined, which undoubtedly saves the manpower of the enterprise.
HFSecurity RA08T Facial Recognition Access Control System
Although the current security personnel, on the surface, the manpower investment is not high. In fact, the monthly salary and various benefits are also a huge expense. The key is that it is very troublesome to manually manage the entry and exit visitors in person. It is very time-consuming and laborious to simply register, and it is even more troublesome for internal access management. And the effect is not good.
Therefore, for safety, it also saves investment in manpower. The application of face recognition can solve the problem of manual and security management. It is convenient and labor-saving, and there is no need to worry about errors. At the same time, for customers visiting the company, the sense of technology The experience is very good, which is conducive to enhancing the image of the company, which is why more and more companies use face recognition access control systems.
What is non-mandatory, non-contact, concurrency, let us understand below.
1. Not mandatory
The system can obtain facial images without the user's unconsciousness, and no special cooperation is required.
2. Non-contact
Users do not need to directly contact the device to obtain facial images and extract facial features for detection.
3. Concurrency
In the actual application scenario, multiple faces can be sorted, judged and recognized simultaneously.
In addition, the face detection and recognition system has the advantages of low cost, fast detection, high accuracy, and automatic learning.
In the early days, due to the cost and technical limitations, the development was arduous. As face recognition technology became more and more intelligent, the cost was also reduced due to the popularity, and coupled with the release of demand in industrialization and commercialization, face recognition access control can be Said more and more popular.
Today, the application scenarios of the face access control system mainly include the face gate channel for employees to work, the face gate channel for passengers entering the train station, the face gate gate for airports, the face gate gate for schools, and the face recognition for scenic spots Gate channel, community face recognition gate channel, etc. in all walks of life and fields.
1. The application of face recognition access control system in modern life
Under the environment of the national “safe city”, our living environment has quietly undergone earth-shaking changes. It has been found in major supermarkets, schools, hospitals, residential areas, office buildings, parks, roads, and other public gathering places. It is equipped with monitoring to ensure the safety of the people's lives and property.
The face recognition access control system is also applicable in these places, and even after combined with monitoring, it brings more security management convenience to the management department.
2. Main functions of face recognition access control system
When the face recognition access control system is applied to the company's access control attendance record, it exerts the functions of personnel management and attendance management. Through face recognition technology, the attendance record and the real-time work place control of employees can be achieved.
The face recognition access control system has the function of identity verification when it is applied to the import and export of subways and transportation departments. It can quickly detect whether the personal identity information is consistent with the ticket information through the living body detection technology, eliminating the trouble of many ticket queues .
The face recognition access control system also has the role of visitor registration and management. Through the background data management function, it is easy to identify visitor information, obtain statistical analysis of access data, and achieve access management functions.
3. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of face recognition access control system and traditional access control system
With the traditional access control system, we usually swipe in and out when going in and out of a door. If something is in both hands, it will be more troublesome. We need to free up one hand to take the card. Under the face recognition access management system, we only need to swipe You can go in and out of the face faster, and the experience is better.
HFSecurity RA07 Facial Recognition Access Control System
Traditional cards are easy to be copied by people, and there is also the possibility of loss, which has potential security risks. Face recognition is based on biological technology of living body recognition. Not only will it not cause the problem of loss, but it is also difficult to copy.
The face recognition entry and exit management system can achieve zero-touch, non-sensing passage, while in the traditional mode we have to hold the card and touch the device for a certain stay time.
Under the face recognition access control management system, we can set the permissions of the visitor through the background settings, while in the traditional mode management, we can only set the card, and we cannot achieve true permission management.
So the face recognition access control system can basically be used for personnel entry and exit management, the application range is very wide, and the recognition rate of personnel identity is higher, the speed is also fast, and people can bring a better experience, so The application will become more and more extensive.
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