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face recognition access control not working

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-11-15

Face recognition access control system in the use of the process will appear different failures and problems, if the face recognition can not, you can try the following three detection methods.
A, hardware detection methods
Power / CPU detection: power face recognition access control system, check whether the access control power indicator / CPU indicator is in a normal working state.
Exit switch detection: the system is in a state of power, operate the door switch, check the relay indicator and whether there is a "click" ringing sound.
Communication network detection: when the communication operation, check the TCP controller Tx light and Rx light, Tx light blinking indicates that the communication is normal, Rx light is always on indicates that the network wiring is not a problem.
Access control identifier detection: when swiping the face, stand to the camera, access control machine is normal to display the portrait; if it is face recognition + person verification of access control attendance integrated machine, we are swiping the card / card, the card indicator / voice broadcast is normal.
face recognition access control not working
Second, the software detection method
Real-time monitoring of access control equipment: open the system background and face recognition access control machine real-time monitoring function, through the system background real-time monitoring of the corresponding access control equipment indicator is working normally.
Distributed detection method: start the access control system management platform, enter the system background to select the corresponding need to detect the access control equipment, the corresponding access control controller for detection, such as failure system background will prompt the relevant fault.
Third, replace the exclusion method
Replacement access control equipment: applies to a fault because of a certain access control equipment resulting in access control system can not function, when a device failure in the access control system, consider replacing the new device and then detect the normal operation of the access control system; separate detection of the replacement device, can work properly then continue to find other sources of failure.