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Biometric Technology Used in Counter-terrorism Role

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

The CIA had been using speech recognition system for forensic bin Laden recordings. Bin Laden's audio message published once every US intelligence departments will voice forensic techniques to identify its authenticity, in 2010, it was bin Laden's courier, Ahmed said in a telephone communication is locked intelligence, resulting in the exposure of bin Laden's whereabouts . The current voice forensic technology is quite mature, in fact, as early as the 1970s, US intelligence agencies began to use this technology to monitor the former Soviet leader. Voiceprint identification in addition be used to identify the speaker, you can also semantic judgment, in order to understand the specific operational deployment of terrorist organizations.

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Of course, this application of technology have higher requirements. In addition to understanding the theme of discourse usually surface, it also requires in-depth information, including specific objects of discourse style forensic language, language use language features individual style is actually formed long series. November 2002, a recording of Osama bin Laden in the Al Jazeera broadcast. 18th month, White House spokesman Scott & middot; McClellan said, & ldquo; our intelligence experts have confirmed that audiotape is really & rdquo ;. McClellan revealed that the CIA and National Security Agency intelligence experts, linguists and bin Laden earlier this recording recordings were compared. Soon, the Associated Press reported in detail on the language of bin Laden-style forensic results: & ldquo; the speaker in the recording using the present and past & middot; bin Laden audiotape in similar languages, including Xunzhangzhaiju rhetorical style and soft tone of voice. & Rdquo; to confirm the identity of the offender to arrest and conviction of offenders, the authorities need sufficient valid evidence before criminals can be convicted. Fingerprint has an extremely important role in terms of conviction. While under normal circumstances, terrorist crimes are planned, and members of the organization will have some relevant training, but in practice the criminal process, they are difficult to completely left behind items with its own fingerprint, since the only fingerprint resistance, which can be used as valid evidence of conviction. China issued third-generation ID cards, residents started to register fingerprint information. Once the database is established, fingerprint technology for prevention and control of crime will have more contributions.