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The development of several types of biometrics

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Several types of biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition of the fastest growing, most mature, in many areas of locks, time and attendance, access control, computer, banking and safe, smart phones can see the fingerprint identification figure;
Compared with fingerprint recognition, face recognition with higher accuracy and therefore more suitable for the high requirements for information security areas, such as banking institutions, the Internet banking platform. This year, Alibaba, Tencent has launched the financial sector in the Internet applications of face recognition, face recognition and national policies to support the development of the financial sector in the Internet, therefore, it is expected to face recognition market will rapidly erupt. By 2015, China's industry recognition market could reach $ 7.5 billion potential future market size will exceed billion.
Iris recognition has a low rate of false consciousness, forgery difficult, hard copy, not easy to damage the biometric features, in theory, than the fingerprint and face recognition more accurate and reliable. However, because the application is not yet mature, this technology is currently considered a "black technology", is expected to wait after the fiery face recognition, can really open the market.
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