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How to use biometric fingerprint scanner equipment in the company?

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-09-18

The benefits of biometric scanners to your business are obvious. What are the benefits? Let
me give you a list. Biometric scanners can reduce the risk of human error. Payroll, attendance,
and duty tables do not need to be set up/statistically. 
The use of biometric real fingerprint scanners for statistics can ensure the accuracy and
efficiency of the data. The time spent artificially may take 1-2 weeks, while the time required
by the biometric scanner is only a few minutes. Obviously, the gap between the two has occurred.
In addition to improved efficiency, security is also guaranteed. The authority of the biometric
scanner is uniquely fixed, ensuring that the data is not stolen or lost.
For the health industry, biometric fingerprint  scanners safe also have a pivotal position.
For food, beverages, financial, medical institutions, or government agencies, biometric systems
are actually an economical choice. Especially in the modern society, people are very concerned
about and value safety, and safety has become the most important point for people besides food,
clothing, housing and transportation.
Do you have a detailed understanding of how the biometric system is used and implemented?
HFSecurity Real Fingerprint Scanner
What is the basis of biometrics?
Biometric devices are slowly replacing traditional security measures and become a new type
of security measures.
The working principle of biometric fingerprint scanners is now explained more clearly on
the Internet and professionally. Based on the professional and clear working principle, more
and more companies are now integrating fingerprint readers into their own ompany's security
infrastructure. in. Let the advantages of the fingerprint reader fully integrate with the
company's security architecture. And this operation is very simple.
The content stored by the fingerprint reader is actually a template of the user's fingerprint
(and our traditional fingerprint picture). The fingerprint reader encodes the fingerprint
obtained by the user. Each user has its own template code. The template code is unique.
The encoded user fingerprint template will be stored in the biometric system software.
When we need to authenticate, we will match the template stored in our company's database
to set access permissions for a specific user.
The biometric system brings security to the enterprise. One function of the biometric
system is access control authority. In fact, in simple terms, the biometric device determines
a correct user, and the correct user has access authority to a certain place. For example, if
the boss is given the authority to access any place in the system, the boss can enter and exit
any place in the company. The financial room is only authorized for financial personnel, 
then only financial personnel can enter the financial room, and other personnel are prohibited
from entering.This access authority can guarantee the company's finances, security, and data,
and it will not block the work due to loss of passwords and IC cards.
HFSecurity How fingerprint scanner works
Establishment of biometric fingerprint scanner
For biometric fingerprint recognition scanners, there are actually many differences. 
Some people actually spend a lot of time planning this when they actually use fingerprint
recognition equipment. Once it is determined to use the fingerprint reader, it will take a
while to install the fingerprint device. It took a lot of time in the beginning. In fact, let's
think about it together. These are only the time we spend at this stage. After this time is
spent, our time will be saved later. From an economic point of view, the use of biometric
fingerprint readers is a long-term investment with a higher rate of return.Traditional time
and attendance management software also requires training personnel. In addition to the
value of the time and attendance software itself, training personnel also need extra effort.
If things go on like this, it may cause harm to the company's information and data.
After using the biometric system, all employees of the company must be present to register the
fingerprint template, which ensures that every employee arrives at the company on time, and
there is no mutual shielding among employees.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Temperature
If you need remote attendance, our FP05 mobile  tablet with fingerprint  scanner attendance
equipment is fully supported, so whether you are attending on-site or remotely, Huifan Technology
can provide you with a complete solution.
Accurate attendance data
All companies have a data on which to survive, the customer information of economic companies, 
and the requirements of software companies. Of course, the data files that every company relies
on are different, but there is one item that every company needs, attendance data.
The use of traditional manual attendance methods is prone to data fraud and co-workers shelter.
But the biometric system has its own time and attendance software, and when it arrives, it's there,
not because the person has failed the time attendance.
HFSecurity electriv fingerprint scanner
As mentioned in the above points, the biometric electronic fingerprint scanner can provide higher 
reliability. In the database stored in the employee's fingerprint template, the system will not delete it,
only you can delete it. When you confirm that you want to delete the user's fingerprint template, and
give the system an instruction, the system will delete your employee's fingerprint template.
Remote management
The biometric system enables the owners and supervisors of the company to manage employees well. 
Even if the supervisor is not in the company, they can also use the biometric system to determine which
employee has not come to the company today, and which employee is late and leaves early. You can set
up the access authority of the personnel on the system, without going to the scene to inform the employees
which places are allowed and which places are not allowed. This is very efficient for enterprise managers.
In the 21st century, we have witnessed the rapid development of the biometric security industry. Easy access,
fingerprint scanner price low cost and high return rate. If you want to know more about our biometric
fingerprint solutions, please contact us, thank you!
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