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biometric access control and time attendance guide

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-15

With the scale development of commercial buildings, many commercial buildings and organizations accommodate a large number of internal property management employees, merchants, rental and sale property owners and employees, business visitors, etc., making the personnel entrance control management with high management dimension, complicated management objects, many security risks, high workload of management personnel, high technical quality requirements. The use of simple manual entrance and exit control management or independent semi-automated management is far from being able to meet the comprehensive management needs.
biometric access control and time attendance
Traditional visitor and internal personnel entrance/exit control management has the following technical shortcomings.
  1. The use of manual registration, the efficiency is low;
  2. Manual registration is prone to information errors, leading to security risks;
  3. Intelligent identification and distinction cannot be made for visitors, and complete information cannot be retained for comparison;
  4. Use the traditional telephone inquiry method to approve the visitors' visit, which is prone to wrong information transmission;
  5. No intelligent identification and judgment can be made on the visitor's stay.
The main technical features and advantages of biometric time and attendance access control are as follows
  1. Biometric identification combined with the speed gate and other equipment to improve intelligent identification and passage efficiency;
  2. Self-service visitor management terminal is adopted to realize self-service visitor face entry, which has the characteristics of simple operation and rapid response;
  3. Self-service visitor management terminal can realize image capture and document identification for visitors, and open the interface to compare with the blacklist or fugitive database to eliminate illegal visits of visitors;
  4. Biometric attendance access control system supports the extension of WeChat public platform access, which can realize WeChat reservation and WeChat audit, simplify the queuing time of visitors and improve satisfaction;
  5. Provide complete and accurate information preservation, which can meet the needs of information inquiry and management;
  6. The solution follows the principle of economy and ease of implementation, and the equipment can be quickly deployed and implemented; 
Biometric technology, as one of the most mature biometric technologies at present, greatly improves the accuracy of biometric identification through its own deep learning technology.
This biometric time and attendance access control solution adopts biometric identification technology to pass face verification in a dynamic, non-cooperative way, which is more convenient than traditional card access control; due to the uniqueness of face features, it also solves the problems of people forgetting their IDs and fraudulent use of others' IDs.
This biometric time and attendance access control technology solution is based on the advanced WeChat platform technology, based on the leading biometric algorithm and local computing processing, through the biometric senseless way to achieve complete visitor reservation, visitor document verification, visitor audit, pass identification, permission recovery, record keeping and other functions, and at the same time to ensure the rapid passage of internal staff.
Advantages of HFSECURITY Biometric Attendance System
For organizations
  1. Cost saving - Users do not need to carry ID cards, work cards or other documents, only biometrics.
  2. High accuracy and security - Identity recognition based on multimodal biometric technology can achieve very high accuracy and is a reliable fraud prevention measure.
  3. Eliminate "card punching" - Make it impossible for employees to punch cards for each other.
  4. Integrate with payroll systems - HFSECURITY can provide flexible data reporting for many payroll systems
  5. Increase the efficiency of time and attendance monitoring - Passive identification using surveillance cameras makes it easy to monitor large numbers of employees

For users
  1. Easy to use - never worry about forgetting or losing a job or time card
  2. Accurate - ensure your attendance is accurately recorded
  3. Anytime, anywhere - use your personal phone to record your attendance wherever you are
  4. Contact-free attendance - contact-free multimodal biometrics provide an epidemic-compliant solution for attendance monitoring
  5. Offline attendance - Never worry about losing your work attendance, even in remote areas where Internet connectivity is a problem
biometric access control and time attendance
Want to learn how to use HFSECURITY Biometric Time and Attendance?
Powerful Features
The unique features of our products take time and attendance software to a new level.
Mask Recognition
Our time and attendance system is able to recognize masks even when they are worn, which ensures safety and hygiene in the event of an epidemic
Contact-free Attendance Tracking
No physical contact is required when performing face or iris recognition.
Remote Attendance Management
Easily track and calculate employee time even when employees are working remotely. Users can simply use a cell phone, tablet or personal computer to complete attendance operations such as signing in and out.
Multimodal Biometric
Three types of biometric features are available - face, fingerprint, iris.
Comprehensive reports
Reports include time worked, overtime, vacation, sick leave and other relevant information, all of which can be exported to the payroll system.
Location Tracking
Our time and attendance system can track where and where attendance personnel are signed in and out.
Live Detection
Before starting face recognition, the system can verify if a live person is trying to sign in or out.
Real-time face recognition
The system can detect the faces of passing pedestrians without having to stop and wait while the camera takes a picture.
Multi-Face Recognition
Our biometric time and attendance system can detect and recognize the faces of all people appearing in the same screen.
Industry Applications
Our biometric time and attendance systems have successfully served a variety of businesses and organizations.
Desired goals of the biometric intelligent time and attendance management system program.
First, to build an attendance management system based on fingerprint biometric technology, personnel access factory management system, vehicle access factory management system, employee consumption management and visitor management system to modernize the management of employee attendance. Construction of parking lots, access gates and control of access to important areas of the factory. The parking lot is mainly responsible for the entrance and exit of vehicles, while supporting the management personnel to enter and exit the factory, and setting access control system for important areas to strengthen the key management of key areas. The use of staff cpu card, can be used for consumption of meals, open the door and many other functions.
Based on modern network technology raw intelligent time and attendance platform, using non-contact cpu card (good encryption performance, large information storage) as the information carrier, and with each biometric intelligent time and attendance management system in the factory and other systems organic combination, forming a complete set of intelligent one card system, and finally realize attendance, personnel entry, vehicle entry and exit, consumption, visitor management and many other functions:.
I. Identification function: The card surface is printed with personal photo, name, work number, affiliation and other basic information that can accurately identify the cardholder.
Second, intelligent attendance management function: employee attendance, for employees who cannot identify fingerprints, through the way of card swipe + photo, the attendance records are automatically uploaded to the server, and attendance calculation is automatically carried out at the end of the month, generating attendance records imported into ERP, which greatly reduces the workload of attendance clerks.
Three, access management functions.
1、Internal staff and reorganization staff can enter all the pedestrian passages without time restriction and swipe card verification, and equipped with fingerprint passages to solve the problem that staff cannot enter and exit because they forget to bring their cards.
2、Construction unit personnel are strictly in and out, and can only enter doors 3, 4 and 5, with time limit and card swipe to confirm.
3、Visitors need to register personal information, replace the visitor card with a valid ID, and be led by the visitor to enter or leave the factory.
IV. Vehicle access management functions.
1、The first level of security requirements level of vehicles using the management principle of wide entry and exit, vehicles using remote Bluetooth card quickly through the gate post.
2, other vehicles into the strict out of the principle, the vehicle into the factory without inspection, you can brush the card to verify access to the factory, but the factory brush the card after the need for security personnel to stop and check, and to confirm that it is correct before leaving the factory.
E. Dining function of the restaurant: employees can dine in the restaurant with the staff card. You can specify the consumption time to specify the staff meal time, or the actual meal time and the company's relevant management system and so on.
Sixth, other functions: visitors and other sub-functions.
The whole system can monitor management and decision-making for each department as needed, and each local system and terminal can automatically organize and summarize the collected information for system inquiry, summary, statistics, management and decision-making. The card-based communication method communicates with each other, which not only meets the independence of each function management, but also ensures the consistency of the overall management.
biometric access control and time attendance time attendance