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Why does the electronic door lock market develop stably?

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Currently, the global economic is very bad and it effects the construction development of Europa and China. But, the global market of mechanical lock and door access control system still keep developing stably, and it says the sales of electronic door lock will develop from 720,000,000 dollars to 900,000,000 dollars(2014-2019), and the development rate will be 5% per year.


Now, the main reason of electronic door lock development is new construction development, it adds the needs of electronic door lock directly, and other reason such as decoration, renovation also add the needs of lock. IHS says the global construction development will slow down, because of the slow down develop of China economic, USA market effects and global political turmoil.


But, the newest report of mechanical & external lock says though the slow down economic effects the market development, the economic door lock develops very good as the widely using of door access control system, the main reason is electronic door access control system is more security and convenient then mechanical lock. And the building management&automation of electronic door lock save much time and money for guest.


So, the electronic door lock devices still keeps stably development today. The other trend is Asia market needs more and more electronic door lock.  The 2020 Japan Olympic Games effects the Japan government needs more electronic door lock for its sports venues and travels.


In the global market, different kinds of lock with different needs, e.g. in Europa and Asia market, the best sales one is cylinder. In America, for the reason of it’s building devices frequently usage, they need locks that can be used for long time, so electronic door lock is their first choice.