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attendance management system using face recognition

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-04-01

The attendance management system using face recognition software is a carrier of advanced attendance management concepts. The attendance management software obtains personnel and attendance management data through TCP/IP connection "Face Recognition" for attendance management statistics, with user management, shift setting, and scheduling. , attendance management report statistics, output/print reports and other complete functions. The software intelligentizes and simplifies the complex workload of attendance management, so that in all aspects of attendance management, people do their best, perform their responsibilities, information exchange is timely and smooth, query and statistics are convenient, and attendance management becomes simple and easy.
The face recognition attendance management system can effectively improve the company's attendance management method, standardize employee attendance management operations, prevent modern punch-in and fraudulent behaviors, and also facilitate and effectively improve the efficiency of attendance management. At the same time, it supports TCP/IP networking, and the attendance management data is automatically uploaded to the management department to manage the attendance management data. Widely used in enterprises and institutions, primary and secondary education institutions, hotels, clubs, hospitals, etc.
The face recognition technology is based on the facial features of the input face image or video stream. First, it is judged whether there is a face. If there is a face, the position, size and main face of each face are further given. The location information of the organs; and based on this information, the identity features contained in each face are further extracted and compared with the known faces to identify the identity of each face.
Three advantages of face recognition
Compared with other recognition technologies such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition has obvious advantages.
The so-called naturalness means that the recognition method is the same as the biological features used by humans (including other organisms) for individual identification. It is to distinguish and confirm the identity through observation and comparison of faces; natural recognition also includes speech recognition and body shape recognition. , while fingerprint recognition and iris recognition are not natural.
The recognized face image information can be obtained actively without being noticed by the tested individual. Face recognition uses visible light to obtain face image information, which is different from fingerprint recognition or iris recognition, which requires the use of electronic pressure sensors to collect fingerprints, or use of infrared iris image. These special collection methods are easy to be detected, so they can be camouflaged and deceived.
Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition is non-contact, the user does not need to directly contact the device, and at the same time, it can meet the requirements of sorting, judging and identifying multiple faces in practical application scenarios.
Face recognition enterprise attendance management application
Face recognition is a kind of biometric identification technology based on human facial feature information. Use a camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track faces in the images, and then perform a series of face-related technologies on the detected faces, including face image collection, face localization , face recognition preprocessing, memory storage and comparison identification, to achieve the purpose of identifying different people. The face recognition attendance management system combines face recognition with the attendance management system, and uses face recognition as one of the elements of attendance management. Its biggest feature is non-contact, anti-infection, no copying, eliminating the need to punch cards, higher recognition rate, accurate and fast recognition, so it is also called face recognition.
face recognition time attendance system
The following will introduce the function description of the customized cloud face attendance software independently developed by Huifan:
Catalog introduction:
System installation and home page display instructions
System display and initialization
Device management
LAN version
Cloud version
Temperature mask settings
Advertising management
Questionnaire management
Personnel management
Employee's addition
modification and inspection,
permission equipment
palmprint management
Fingerprint management
face management
Attendance management
Shift settings
holiday setting
public holiday
Attendance configuration
Typography settings
Attendance Analysis
Attendance statistics
Working hours statistics
presence statistics
Leave management
Traffic management
pass record
Capture record
Monitoring records
access control
System Management
Organizational management
role management
User Management
SMS settings
log management
data backup
. . . .
The above functions are updated for you this time. If you need complete instructions for use, you can click here to send the complete face recognition facial attendance software manual pdf for free
A system installation
Our cloud facial software adopts the normal installation method, download and unzip the program we sent to you, there is an exe file in the file, double-click the exe to install, and please rest assured that our software does not carry any virus, so the firewall and anti-virus software in your computer will not affect his use already installed
1.1 Background interface
When we successfully log in to the remote facial software system, we use the super administrator's password to log in for the first time, because all functions require the super administrator's authority to use, after you have all configured, you can add different accounts to manage different Function
The default work area of ​​the system is mainly composed of the following parts. The interface is mainly divided into three large areas, the top display area, the left main menu navigation area, and the right main operation area. As shown in the figure below, it is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4
1 Top display area
2 Left menu bar
3 Intermediate operating area
4 Right operating area
In the top display area, we can see the following functional areas
1.1 Personal Information Status Bar
In this personal new status bar, you can see what IP address we are logging in to, log out of the account, and change our password. When we log in for the first time, we can use change password to update our password
HFSecurity Cloud Face Recognition Attendance Software
1.2 Appearance display bar
In the appearance display column, we provide customers with different color schemes. The default theme color of the system is gray-blue version. Click the top navigation bar to switch the system theme color, which is convenient for you to have different options.
1.3 Language Status Bar
In the face attendance system, we have configured 6 languages ​​in a unified manner. The default language of the system is Chinese (Simplified). Click on the far right of the top navigation bar to switch the languages: Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, German
The above are the three functions shown at the top, are you clear?
2 Left menu bar
2.1 Dashboard - main page ribbon
2.2 Device--device functional area
2.3 Person--employee management
2.4 Attendance--attendance management
2.5 Pass--Commute Management
2.6 Config -- log management
2.7 System--system management
The 7 menu bars correspond exactly to the functions we explained above, and we will show you one by one in the following.
The above is the functional area of ​​the left menu bar of the cloud attendance software
automated face recognition
middle operating area
In the middle operation area of ​​the cloud system, we set the function to be upper and lower parts
The upper part is the Face Statistics, the total number of face brushes, including the total number of face brushes, the number of employee face brushes, the number of times the visitor brushes the face, the number of times the stranger brushes the face, the current situation, and the classification of the pass can be displayed, whether it is an employee, a visitor or strangers, and can display their real-time temperature on the page
Real-time monitoring: The real-time monitoring module automatically refreshes about 5s after new face data is available. There is an alarm switch. When real-time monitoring of high temperature people passing, the computer will emit an alarm sound.
4 Right operating area
device statistic : Because our cloud attendance software can be operated online, we can use multiple devices in different locations. Through a cloud background software, we can judge how many machines are currently online and how many machines are not online. At the same time, according to IP address to determine whether the machine is offline due to a fault or is in a normal resting state. Device data can be a good help to troubleshoot device problems.
Below, we can directly see the employee's attendance request and the proportion.
system initialization
Site Settings:
Click [Configuration] → [Site Management] in the
, and click . Click the site name to enter the site information modification. The site configuration information is divided into basic information, extended configuration,
Basic information: can modify the site name, site directory, domain name
Extended configuration; in the extended configuration, you can set the pass configuration, watermark configuration, file upload configuration, etc. on the platform
Device management
Device management is mainly to manage the device. The specific location directory is shown in the picture below:
best face recognition software
We don't talk about system configuration here, if you need it, you can click here to get the cloud software manual pdf document for free
Here we mainly introduce the functions of advertisement management and questionnaire survey.
Ask Ads Features:
Follow the arrow instructions, first find device-> advertising, click create
We can create an ad, which is divided into image ads and video ads
best face recognition time clock
Of course, some people will ask what is the function of this function, why should we develop this function?
When Huifan was working on the cloud facial software system, he also thought about this issue. When our equipment is in standby, we can add advertisements on the equipment, similar to the advertisements we see on the elevator and trademark. It can be played during standby, so that passers-by visitors can have a deeper impression of our company's brand, and we can also play promotional advertisements. Same price but different features
When we go to a hospital, public facility, or company location, we need to fill out a form to prove that we have been to this place, or to record the entry and exit. Questionnaire surveys can help us realize this function, where do we come from, why do we come, and what is the purpose of our coming? It does not require special people or paper to record, and records are recorded through cloud software, which is efficient and traceable.
biometric authentication face recognition
Today, we will introduce three functions first, and summarize them together, namely the top display area, the right functional area, the middle operation area, and the advertisement and questionnaire function in the device management.
In the next article, we will introduce the most important parts of cloud attendance software, personnel management, shift management, pass  management, of course, you can click here directly, we will send the PDF of the complete remote attendance facial software to your mailbox
HFSecurity Face Recognition Software System
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