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access control system deep applications

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-08-30

Foreword: Access control systems have always played the role of physical access control, but with the continuous evolution of industry intelligence, digitalization, based on the application of access control systems are also expanding.  

Scene trend, how to cut from the access control system into the scene of deep applications 

In line with the current trend of scenario-based solution deployment, intelligent access control system as the core of the entry and exit control of each place, through the application of the management platform with its deeper application value is tapped to bring different experiences adapted to various application scenarios.

Intelligent access control system function upgrade

Compared to the early RS485 bus mode and IP network access control, advanced to the IoT IoT access control system has now achieved a large degree of functional upgrades.
First of all, in the design of the access control system door opening mode, you can maximize support for face recognition, ID cards, passwords, CPU cards, APP, Bluetooth, QR codes, visual intercom and other ways to open the door; secondly, highly integrated building intercom, video surveillance, anti-theft alarm and other security subsystems and a card subsystem, through the interconnection between the systems to meet the smart community, smart parks, commercial buildings At the same time, under the current trend of scenario-based applications, through the front-end hardware systems including access control and related management systems and application platforms, a set of overall solutions can be built to meet the needs of security control, property management and life services.
Scenario-driven application of intelligent control of entrances and exits deep application expansion
For Cloud-Based Managed Access Control Systems for Security, the early hardware era focused on the development and design of access control equipment, and now with the change in public habits and the upgrading of industrial demand, the industry has developed into the mainstream trend of scenario-based applications, so around various scenarios, access control systems play a role in the extension, the business model of the intelligent access control industry is also changing.
In line with the trend of scenario-based applications, manufacturers are generally based on the application of scenarios to launch a complete set of solutions to achieve intelligent control management of entrances and exits while providing users with other rich value-added services. To the scene of the smart community, for example, by carrying the smart community management platform system, intelligent access control system program providers can also be in the convenience of life services according to the needs of community residents to achieve the expansion of such functions of community care.
HFSecurity Biometric solution
Such a scenario can be envisaged, the intelligent Access control  security technique  can record in real time the approximate daily travel habits of an elderly person, once the system detects that the elderly did not go out for several consecutive days, the system automatically sends information to inform the elderly family members, while reminding the property office to check the situation at the first time. Through this kind of humanized function setting, we can take care of the daily life of the elderly living alone or the disadvantaged in the community.
The design of the community care function module is based on the analysis and application of the platform data, pre-setting the logic of event association, and automatically launching a series of services through the collision and analysis of relevant data in the platform. Similarly, there is the community wisdom of the elderly "a key call" function, these detailed applications in the smart community solutions are now being taken into account by more and more manufacturers.
Face Access Control Products HFSecurity
For the extension of the deep application of intelligent access control system, Huifan Technology Mike Wang said: "From the overall business logic, intelligent access control manufacturers want to do is in fact to the management, owners, visitors and other different roles of the experience as the core, to open up the scenes of the people, car entrance and exit automation control system, while deeply fit the scene of other personalized application needs. Build up a set of highly automated, intelligent and digital overall solutions. From the traditional pure hardware level business framework to explore the construction of more humane, intelligent and convenient products and solutions, oriented by user needs."
Also typical is the scene of smart campus. In the current smart campus solution, the traditional "one card" model is being fully iterated towards the "one face pass" entrance/exit control model. However, based on face recognition access control and channel system, the demand of campus users is also upgrading, not only for campus security, but also for a series of value-added applications such as travel, attendance and teaching management with the help of entrance/exit control system.
And through the intelligent access control system equipped with a comprehensive application platform, for the campus management, in terms of travel and attendance management, you can achieve convenient and digital management of student and faculty passage. Take the application scenario of dormitory management as an example, the system can real-time statistics of students to the point of late return, non-return and other information data, short messages can also be promptly pushed to the class director and hostel staff cell phone, to facilitate the dormitory administrator system to take the channel gate attendance management strategy, to achieve the management of students to brush their faces in and out of the apartment building, the whole and student data information and set authorization.
HFSecurity Biometric Face Recognition Access Control Device RA08T
From the above-listed smart community, smart campus scenario application cases, based on intelligent access control system is only the basic application, through the behavior of people, cars, things management and information flow, capital flow, etc. to form a closed loop, so as to effectively solve the management, experience, cost, efficiency and other user pain points is the deep-seated needs of various scenarios.
The degree of system integration deepened ecological cooperation into the trend
According to Mike Wang of Huifan Technology, the current user acceptance of access control products that integrate new technologies is very fast, basically 4-6 months there will be a wave of new technologies to achieve the productization of landing. In recent years, with the deep penetration of face recognition technology, face recognition access control system is now in the scene of the application of the popularity is rising year by year, convenient access is still the core demand of face access control system. And the popularity of face access control, but also by the "unity of identity" authentication regulatory measures, which also brings a higher security guarantee.
Access control system technology application of rapid iteration of this phenomenon in the financial field of slow product updates are also playing, in the more widely used community, campus, park and other areas are more common. And with the industry's refined management needs driven by access control systems around access control, channel, visitor and other entrances and exits, as described above, some of the more personalized applications are gradually expanding. These trend changes for intelligent access control manufacturers, the development and design of their product solutions and market expansion strategies also have strong guidance.
Huifan Technology CEO Mike Wang, as a manufacturer, for the future of access control system development and design, mainly from the following aspects to start: 
1. cost control.
2. from the user's pain points, practical solutions to customer needs.
3 system development forward-looking, in line with future industrial development trends, to try to do more open deployment, for subsequent system upgrades to leave sufficient room for expansion. For example, consider docking with city-level mega systems like City Brain, so that the information-aware nerve of City Brain can be extended to the community, while fully considering the application value of data mining. Of course, the implementation of such mega projects as city brain requires great cost and effort, and it is more important for SMEs to do a good job in the underlying and basic things.
biometric face recognition access control
With the increasing degree of system integration, industrial ecological cooperation is also a major trend in this industry, because no single vendor can cover all systems and businesses, even in the market segment of access control entrances. But for users, their needs are to ensure that all aspects of a system can have a good experience, so in order to meet the needs of the user side, it is natural that manufacturers will form a strategic partnership, whether it is between the supply chain system or friends, through a more stable strategic cooperation to achieve complementary advantages, win-win cooperation. In this process, companies must also have their own core technology or core resources can be firmly in their hands, not to be replaced and shaken.
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