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Zongzi PK for celebrating Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

   Every year, the Lunar calendar May 5th is Chinese Traditional Dragon Boat Festival. The purpose of this Festival is to memorize Quyuan, the great poet and politician who sacrificed his life for his Country in Chinese ancient history. 
   It's Huifan concept to celebrate this Festival with a special way, that is to make Zongzi by ourselves and compare with each other, then select which group is the best. 
   We devided all the staff as 5 groups, each with 5-6 persons. At first, we took out all our prepared raw materials such as sticky rice,reed leaves bacon,meat,peanut,reb jujube,mungbean etc. Then we rolled up the reed leaves as a hopper shape, then we filled in with sticky rice and other food materials into the hopper. When it is full, we twined the whole Zongzi tightly, then we put them into the pot with water and cooked until they are able to eat. At last, we judged which group has made the most beautiful Zongzi, which is the most tasty, and we also gave praise to those who participated in even though they have not got the best.   
   Everyone of us is very happy during the process to make Zongzi, and we were very proud of the Zongzi we made by ourselves even if they are not nice in looking or delicious in taste.  
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