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Will face recognition temperature measurement terminal be a short-term product?

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-04-20

Under the epidemic situation, the demand for non-contact temperature measurement access control has become the just-needed equipment for enterprise resumption and community management. The non-contact face recognition temperature measurement terminal mainly relies on infrared long-distance temperature measurement, thereby reducing person-to-person contact and the risk of infection.
Some people worry that infrared temperature measurement will have radiation, will it affect the body, and even some citizens have disputes with the epidemic prevention temperature measurement personnel because they do not want to be infrared thermometer to measure the temperature on the forehead. In fact, this is not the principle of long-distance infrared temperature measurement.
In fact, any object above absolute zero (-273.15 ° C) will radiate energy outward. The higher the temperature, the higher the infrared radiation capability. Infrared thermometers or temperature guns are used as radiation receivers to collect the energy emitted by the human body, not as emitters. After receiving the infrared radiation energy, the temperature measuring terminal converts the electromagnetic wave into temperature information, thereby realizing non-contact body temperature measurement.
Face Scan Access Control China Supplier
FACE Scan Access Control China Supplier
The face recognition temperature measurement terminal is applied in the company's corporate scenes, and it needs to have functions such as face recognition, NFC recognition, and abnormal temperature reminders to ensure that it meets the needs of corporate attendance and epidemic prevention. Although at present, most infrared face recognition temperature measurement terminals are in the context of epidemic situations, product stability and temperature measurement effects have not yet matured, but compared with ordinary mercury thermometers and other traditional methods, face recognition temperature measurement terminals are faster And no risk of infection. Especially in some places with large passenger flow or need to be on duty for 24 hours, the infrared face recognition temperature measurement terminal can automatically complete the temperature measurement and identity recognition function without manual temperature measurement.
The face recognition temperature measurement terminal is used in conjunction with the gate. As long as the entering personnel meet both "normal body temperature" and "passing identification verification", the gate will open, reducing the workload of the epidemic prevention and control personnel and improving the inspection and passage efficiency. The face recognition temperature measurement terminal is used in public places with dense personnel such as stations, factories, parks, schools, etc., which helps quickly identify and lock out persons with abnormal body temperature and prevent the spread of viruses through personnel.
Access Control SDK China Manufacturer
Access Control SDK China Manufacturer
Some people say that the face recognition temperature measurement terminal is only a short-term demand, like the non-contact infrared face recognition temperature measurement terminal can only be a short-term product, it may not be used after the epidemic. But what needs to be seen is that this epidemic has raised the nation's awareness of health and safety to a new level. Keeping an eye on the health status of personnel can prevent and reduce the risk of cross infection early. Even if these temperature measurement access control terminals do not normally activate the infrared temperature measurement function and only carry out when necessary, they can be used in two situations in peace and war, reducing the cost of replacing equipment in extraordinary times.
At the same time, these intelligent temperature-measuring face recognition access control terminals can also upload temperature-measuring and time-attendance information in time, so as to do well in the entrance and exit control management. Combining identity verification and intelligent big data, the diagnosed persons can be isolated and traced back in time. In an epidemic situation, tracking and tracing the source according to the identity of the patient and locking the propagation trajectory are the key to controlling the spread of the epidemic. Through various identity verification terminals, the data can be aggregated to the cloud for rapid tracking and processing.
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Contactless access control equipment will be used in more public places in the future. Whether it is during the epidemic or not, the spread of bacteria in public health is always a part of daily life that requires long-term attention. Reducing one point of contact will reduce the risk of one point of infection. The application of infrared temperature measurement and non-contact access control and attendance terminals can raise the level of epidemic prevention in public places as early as possible, reduce labor costs, reduce the risk of infection, and protect our environment and health. More convenient.
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