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Why we should Construction Site Access Control

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-03-17

Building access control Real-name access control is a very important access control system. This issue has a great say in many governments and real estate developers. Let the editor of Huifan learn about the construction site  access control system with you today.

Consitute site access control

Why is there a construction site access control system?


With the development of high technology, the intelligent management system has begun to enter for a long time. With the continuous development of economy and the change of the times, intelligent buildings have risen from the ground, adapted to the needs of the information age, and used as buildings for cross-century use. And office environment, must meet current and future development needs functionally

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

How to define a construction site access control system?


As a high-tech technical prevention and management method, the building access control system has been widely used in scientific research, industry, museums, hotels, shopping malls, medical surveillance, and banks in some economically developed countries and regions.


What design principles should the access control system follow?


The practicability of the system: the function of the access control system should meet the actual needs, not flashy. If one-sided pursuit of the advancement of the system will inevitably result in excessive investment and deviate too far from actual needs. Therefore, the practicability of the system is the first principle that should be followed. At the same time, the system's front-end products and system software have good learnability and operability. Especially the operability (convenience), so that managers with basic computer operation level can master the operation essentials of the system through simple training, and reach the level of operation that can complete the duty task.


  • System stability:

Because the access control system is an uninterrupted and long-term working system and is closely related to our normal life and work, the stability of the system is particularly important.


  • System security:

While all the equipment and accessories in the access control system are in safe and reliable operation, they should also comply with relevant Chinese or international safety standards, and can work effectively in non-ideal environments. The powerful real-time monitoring function and linkage alarm function fully guarantee the safety of the user's environment.


  • System scalability:

The technology of the access control system continues to advance, and user needs are also changing. Therefore, the design and implementation of the access control system should take into account the actual needs of future expansion, that is: flexible addition, reduction or update of various subsystems , To meet the needs of different periods, maintain a high position for a long time, and become a model of intelligent buildings. The system software will be upgraded and perfected according to the market demand of the developers in different historical periods, and the software will be upgraded for the corresponding application customers. At the same time, it can be extended to all-in-one card projects such as the attendance system, conference sign-in system, patrol management system, and dining management system.


  • Easy maintenance of the system:

The maintenance of the access control system during operation should be as simple and easy as possible. The operation of the system is truly to the extent that it can work when the power is turned on, and it can be operated when plugged in. And there is no need to use too many dedicated maintenance tools during the maintenance process. From the configuration of the computer to the configuration of the system, the configuration of the front-end equipment fully considers the system reliability. And implemented the corresponding certification. While achieving the lowest system failure rate, we also consider that even when problems occur due to unexpected reasons, we ensure the convenient storage and rapid recovery of data, and ensure that the channel can be opened quickly in an emergency. The maintenance of the entire system is online, and the normal operation of all equipment will not be stopped due to the maintenance of some equipment.


Why use this system?


  • Recyclable
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Guard room
  • High security with record


The different types of construction site access control systems


  • Perimeter hoarding and security fencing

Parameter Description:


Construction site fence specifications: 2500mm*3000mm

Column specification: 120*120PVC riser pipe, lining: 100*100 steel pipe;

Specification of upper and lower horizontal pipe: 80*50PVC pipe, inner lining of lower horizontal pipe: 40*40 steel pipe;

The board surface is composed of 10 double-layer hollow PVC boards, the thickness of the gusset board is 20mm, blue


How to construct:

Enclosure construction survey


The ground height difference of the fence line should be measured first during the construction of the construction site fence, and the fence foundation elevation should be divided into sections according to the height difference. The leveling should be leveled, and the unconditional sections should also be kept as long as possible. , Use steps to adjust the height difference caused by the ground. The verticality and straightness of the column should be guaranteed. Use theodolite to release the datum line according to the diagram, mark the center of the column to check its elevation and line position, and then hang the line to construct the middle column.


Form of enclosure


The construction site fence adopts blue light-weight sandwich color steel plate, the thickness of the color steel is 0.3mm, the height is 2 meters, the top and bottom of the fence are set with 10cm high steel channel pressure top and steel channel support bottom, and an anchor is set every 2.9 meters. The steel column on the ground, the lower seat of the column is a 50cm×50cm×50cm C25 concrete foundation, and the four corners of the steel column bottom plate are connected and fixed with the concrete foundation by expansion bolts, which can reduce the land occupation.


Fence decoration


Use advertising cloth as decoration material on the fence wall of the construction site, and the advertising cloth reflects corporate culture or safety production slogans. The fence slogans mainly include: project name, names of participating units, complaint telephone announcements, safe and civilized construction language, corporate culture language, etc. The advertising cloth is white on a blue background. Except for uniform propaganda texts, no other advertisements shall be posted on the fence wall, except for public service advertisements, wires shall not be pulled in disorder, objects hung in disorder, or scribbles are not permitted.

The specific policy should be based on the national government building requirements (here for reference only)


Fence product classification:


  1. Engineering fence,
  2. Construction fence,
  3. Building enclosure,
  4. PVC fence
  5. Simple fence,
  6. Movable fence,
  7. Subway construction fence)
  8. Turnstiles and security gates

HFSecurity Construction Site Access Control solution

  • Swipe card and other keyless entry systems


High flexibility


Because the setting and management of all data information in the card access control system are completed through the communication between the main control computer and the sub-control module. Managers can freely set passwords, user permissions, door lock delay time, etc. according to their needs. At the same time, the main control computer and the sub-control module work independently. They only need to communicate with each other when the initial data in the sub-control module is set, the data in the sub-control module is modified, and the information recorded in the sub-control module is obtained. , To exchange information. This design method brings great flexibility to the system.


low cost


In order to reduce hardware costs, one sub-control module can be designed to control multiple doors at the same time. For example, one sub-control module can control three doors at the same time. In fact, this configuration is equivalent to a macroscopic parallel processing mechanism.


Easy to develop


The needs of users are constantly changing, and there should be a certain amount of leeway when designing the system to ensure the dynamic needs of users. For example, each sub-control module in the system has a unique address. When the number of controlled doors needs to be increased, just add a corresponding number of sub-control modules and access control subsystems, and assign unique addresses to the sub-control modules.


  • Keypad entry (PIN codes)


Give the user password in advance to the user who needs to enter the construction site. By entering the password, the system will drive the access control when the password is correct, open the door and let it go

Keyless building site access


Huifan Technology's non-contact facial recognition temperature terminal integrated access control can be operated as a stand-alone device, or it can be used with the turnstile solution. Not only meet the needs of a single use, but also meet the requirements of different projects and use environments

1. Elevated body temperature detection

HFSecurity Construction Site Access Control solution

The unit used in our facial recognition can enhance the temperature unit through an integrated thermal sensor, thereby detecting the user's body temperature, and setting whether to have the right to enter the area according to their needs


2. Specifically designed for rugged, outdoor use

HFSecurity Construction Site Access Control solution

3. Fully integrated with HFSecurity Time & Attendance System

4. Fast authentication speed

5. Can be augmented with swipe card for dual authentication

6. Option for thermal screening integration

7. Hardware Integration Options



Huifan Technology's time attendance and access control system is a portable and mobile attendance solution. This solution is designed for construction sites that do not require revolving doors, have many construction sites, need to travel back and forth, and have a small construction area. This kind of mobile attendance can be carried with you, and the equipment price increase is small. Very flexible

  1. Plug and Play
  2. Instant setup, can be simply unplugged and moved if required
  3. Secure and reliable biometrics, facial recognition or /swipe card technology
  4. Touchscreen allows for enrolment on the unit itself
  5. Option for health and safety/ fatigue management questions
  6. Integrated with the HFSecurity online Time & Attendance system

construction site access control

  • Construction turnstile
  1. Secure biometrics, facial recognition or swipe card access

HFSecurity Construction Site Access Control solution

  1. Full range of Access Control Turnstile Options
  2. Seamlessly integrated with our Time & Attendance System
  3. Fire Alarm Integration
  4. Freespin when muster alarm is raised


  • Time &Attendance System
  1. Configured to your specific requirements
  2. Full control of individual, company & work level access
  3. Comprehensive Competency Management Module
  4. Powerful Reporting and Dashboards
  5. Intelligent Operative Management
  6. Operative Access Restrictions

HFSecurity Construction Site Access Control solution

  • benefits of construction site access control systems?


  1. Time, attendance, and productivity

The use of high-quality site access control will make management more convenient. Achieved automatic sub-item statistical summary, and timely and accurate information feedback. It can effectively make statistics on the construction personnel entering the site, and can also accurately count the attendance data, and can also generate various attendance data statistics tables from management personnel to subcontracted teams. Moreover, it can also help companies conduct more accurate analysis, including input analysis and engineering efficiency analysis.。

2. Identification & eliminating unauthorized access

3. Health and safety

The traditional solution may be to use attendance machines, monitoring or barriers for management, but the shortcomings of these systems are obvious: the speed of fingerprint recognition is a problem that cannot be ignored, and there may be some problems for individuals in the process. Health, public health, and identification error rate are the problems, but the monitoring system requires a lot of manpower to link, and a lot of manpower must be invested in advance, and a lot of time must be invested in verification, and the value is greatly discounted;

4. Managing visitor access to construction sites

5. Providing remote access to building sites

6. Restricting access to certain areas

Building site access control site


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