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Why more and more people love biological attendance systems

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-12-18

Attendance system refers to a set of management systems that manages related information such as attendance records of employees of the company. It is a product of time and attendance software combined with time and attendance hardware. It is generally used by the HR department to grasp and manage the staff attendance dynamics of the enterprise.
Attendance system, in the case of including a salary calculation module, can flexibly define the calculation formula of each salary item, automatically call the employee's attendance data, personnel information, meals and other salary-related data to calculate the employee's salary situation, which can provide banks Relevant documents required to pay wages. At the same time, it provides a wealth of statistical analysis reports, which can grasp the wages and expenditures of enterprises in real time.
Web Biometric Time Attendance system
web biometric time attendance system
The web attendance system is based on the company's original attendance system. It implements networked off-site management of attendance. The software is installed on the server. Attendance agencies distributed in different regions can share a set of management software. Each branch can independently manage the attendance of the headquarters. The web time and attendance system supports unlimited organizational structure, and analyzes and optimizes scheduling; it can realize automatic scheduling, time and attendance optimization analysis; statistical data optimization analysis. The web time and attendance system mainly analyzes the labor input-output ratio and labor optimization issues through accurate measurement and scientific arrangement of employee hours. Help enterprises to improve the effective working hours of individual employees, minimize compliance risks and increase labor productivity, and ultimately improve the company's ability to manage internal labor. The system can fully automate the management of employee attendance. Today's increasing labor costs are the effective helpers of business management!
web biometric time attendance system
The web attendance management system deeply analyzes the attendance management data that most enterprises already have, analyzes the labor input-output ratio and labor optimization issues in the enterprise, and provides flexible labor arrangements, real-time labor activity tracking, and self-service. Authorize employees or managers at a reasonable level, and analyze various labor data to enable companies to make scientific decisions about labor, so that all activities of employees are subject to the value-added chain of the enterprise to maximize the benefits of the enterprise
Access control attendance system
Access control and attendance system-automatic entrance and exit control system, which has multiple functions for personnel entry and exit, authorization, query, statistics, burglar alarm security, etc., and can also be used as personnel management, attendance management, and can be linked with any mechanical and electrical equipment products and control systems , Which not only facilitates the free entry and exit of internal personnel or users, but also prevents outsiders from entering and exiting at will, and improves security capabilities.
The access control attendance system can be divided into two types: multi-door networked access control system and single-door stand-alone access control system according to the connection method; according to the data reading method, it can be divided into induction, password, induction + password; Swipe + password; fingerprint, fingerprint + password (online and offline) and other methods
Access Control Time Attendance System
Authorized users can use the card to open the electric lock of each room door. User permissions can be set by the system administrator. When the system fails, managers can use the backup card to open the access door. The system can report the working status of each part to the monitoring center or the user-designated place in time. When a component in the system fails, the failure can be reported to the monitoring center or a user-designated location in a timely manner. Card reader can be used to manage attendance of staff in the company. The gate can only be accessed using a password + a card. Managers can add or delete usage cards as needed. The front desk staff can talk to the visitors using the intercom system and open / close each access door remotely by controlling the computer. Each door is equipped with a glass break switch. In an emergency, you can press the glass break switch to open the door directly.
Construction site attendance system
Application background
With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more engineering projects are involved, and this involves a wider and wider scope. This requires standardized construction site management, which not only can standardize the construction behavior of construction enterprises and personnel, but also urge workers at the construction site Performing their duties can also prevent illegal and illegal activities such as affiliation, subcontracting, and illegal subcontracting during the construction phase of the project, and ensure the quality of construction projects and production safety.
Overall objective
Through the networked time and attendance system, the construction and supervision project departments of all engineering sites can be collected in real time, and the attendance information of relevant management personnel can be tracked and monitored to check whether the locked personnel are normally on the job and strengthen the personnel lockout management.
Achieve regular collection and checking of attendance data of post personnel at the construction site. Realize the function of distributing fingerprint data of project department personnel to the attendance terminal. Network structure
Construction site attendance system
Program Features
Realize remote attendance technical solution, solve the problem of WAN data transmission at construction site attendance requirements; customized production of GPRS time attendance equipment, solve the problem of time attendance data transmission, accurate, can not be modified, real construction site attendance. It provides a powerful means for the construction department to supervise and supervise the personnel at the construction site, guarantees the construction quality of the project, and controls the potential safety hazards of the accident. The main function
Fingerprint collection function: collect fingerprints / faces of employees in various positions in construction and supervision companies and establish fingerprint / face databases.
Attendance data collection function: Collect original attendance records of each construction site through GPRS network.
Attendance data query and statistics function: query and count the actual attendance information and attendance rate of the staff of the two positions, and the enterprise can query the statistics of the staff of the project department.
Set query statistics permission function: You can set the query permission of different personnel according to your needs.
System configuration function: Set the qualified value of the number of on-duty times for each position in the enterprise management and the qualified value of the on-time rate of various positions in the project department.
Mobile Time Attendance System
Mobile Time Attendance System
Mobile attendance system is a new type of attendance system constructed using mobile phone positioning mechanism, location service (LBS), cloud services, etc. You only need to install an attendance software on your mobile phone, you can transfer the user's location to the server at any time and place, and compare it with the preset attendance location and attendance time to determine whether it is a valid attendance. Due to the advantages of mobile client software, functions such as patrol, leave, and corporate directory can be easily integrated. Because mobile attendance is not limited by attendance location and attendance time, it solves the problem of difficult attendance for field staff, which has very positive significance and value for standardizing management and improving work efficiency.
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