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Why is facial recognition security a new form of security?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-06-22

Face recognition: a modern approach to security
Technology has come a long way from the invention of the cell phone to artificial intelligence. We all need to accept the fact that we have adapted technology with open arms to ease the task at hand.
Hollywood sci-fi movies have piqued our interest, and then the real wave of machine learning has spread across countries/regions with each passing day.
With years of technological development, a new system has emerged under the protection of artificial intelligence: facial recognition. Facial recognition takes identification to a whole new level, and the solution is being used as a security measure by all major entities.
HFSecurity face recognition time attendance system
How Biometric Facial Recognition Improves Security
Today, biometrics are changing the way we conduct security, and technologies such as fingerprint recognition are often used to access high-security areas, such as those involving advanced government security. However, it is not the most popular method of biometric security today; china facial recognition security is becoming more popular as facial recognition software becomes more affordable and accurate. In this article, we'll learn how facial recognition can be used to improve security and streamline business processes.
About Facial Recognition
Best Facial recognition software is a biometric solution designed to recognize a person's face without any physical contact. The solution uses algorithms to match a person's facial nodes to a database of ... /images.
The use of facial recognition can enhance the security of any organization or critical location. The versatile nature of facial recognition makes it the preferred choice for increased security.
Facial recognition is a technology that can identify or authenticate an object by any audiovisual element of an image, video or face. Typically, this identification is used to access applications, systems or services.
It is a biometric identification method that uses body measurements, in this case the face and head, to verify a person's identity through their facial biometric patterns and data. The technology collects a unique set of biometric data associated with each person's face and facial expressions to identify, verify and/or authenticate a person.
How facial recognition works.
Unlike any other recognition solution,ai  face recognition identifies the unique features of a person's face and compares them against an existing database of photographs. The sensor detects and recognizes facial shapes by iris color, nose shape, etc. Recognizing faces involves focusing on certain unique features such as chin, cheekbones, face shape, etc. Once the image in the database matches the face of the person of interest, the face is verified.
The contactless nature of the solution makes it much easier to identify and verify a person's identity and involves less processing than any other identification system.
HFSecurity face recognition time attendance system
Facial biometric systems for security.
Real time Facial biometric systems have been used as a security measure in the highest institutions and workplaces to ensure that there is no scope for any intentional sabotage. This type of software has absolutely no room for human error and is an important helper. With just a set of algorithms, the software can perform geometric and photometric recognition in a matter of seconds.
This facial biometric system is the master of all recognition software due to its ease of application and low cost technology. Considering his ... /images saved in a database, its non-contact nature is the best thing, because with facial recognition it is possible to identify a person even in crowded places.
Facial recognition makes access to information more limited and restricted to the person who has it.
Android Facial recognition makes authentication relatively easy, without having to have much equipment, and access to large amounts of information in just a few minutes.
Facial recognition solutions have always been an important part of the security landscape. The reasons are as follows.
  • Criminal identification.
Authorities can breathe a sigh of relief with facial recognition systems. Its database contains all the information about criminals and makes it easier to catch them. If the sensor recognizes the face through an algorithm and the faces match, that's a win! Facial recognition security software can prevent crimes even before they happen.
  • Surveillance.
When someone is watching you, no crime will be committed. In crowded places, facial recognition can track everyone. Crime rates are greatly reduced due to the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras in crowded places.
  • Police Authorities.
Police authorities have linux facial recognition systems to track people who have criminal records and are wanted for crimes. When the database is matched with faces, it is easier to keep track of criminals through simple algorithms. If the system shows a face match, the police will receive an alert.
face recognition time attendance system
  • Tracking attendance.
Schools and universities have adopted mobile face recognition to track attendance and avoid any malicious activity on the premises.
  • Defense Services.
The defense services use biometric face recognition due to the level of sensitivity involved. As only a few people hide some confidential information through facial recognition, only they can access it.
  • Banking services.
Banks use this AI product as a security measure to detect any suspect who enters without being identified. Basically, the AI technology used by banks is to avoid bank fraud.
  • Online Payments
Security also includes secure online payments. Since every face is unique, just like a fingerprint, your payment will not be hacked because once your face is matched, the payment will be made.
  • Airport services
In many countries, airports use this artificial intelligence system to identify the faces of passengers, so there is no suspicious risk involved. With face recognition, the information obtained is authentic, avoiding any possibility of error.
  • Facial recognition and access control in buildings
It is crucial to secure the building from unauthorized access. You need to install appropriate security measures to control who enters and leaves your building. Biometric facial recognition is an advanced and effective tool that provides excellent control and security for your building. Using the Face Match feature, the system scans a person's facial features to accurately identify a specific person and grant access if it matches the image recorded in the database. This allows legitimate people to gain access easily and quickly without having to provide personal details.
face recognition time attendance system
Facial recognition time attendance system is also reliable because access cards and keys can be copied, borrowed or stolen, but a person cannot change his or her face. Better yet, you can add tighter controls by limiting the floors and rooms people can enter.
In addition, the technology allows you to maintain blacklists; these are lists of people who are prohibited from entering the building. The system detects such people and immediately notifies security personnel.
  • Facial recognition and security for banks
As security challenges increase, banks and financial institutions are now integrating biometric security technology into their platforms. Biometric security systems are now replacing easily forged personal identification numbers (PINs) and password protection methods. Facial recognition is the preferred choice in the financial sector because it can be used for
  1. Facial login: Customers can use facial recognition to access their accounts. The system will also use an algorithm to try to find this impostor on your account.
  2. Fraud prevention: The system's algorithms allow you to logically analyze and collect information from image databases and help identify fraudsters just a few steps away from the bank.
This technology can also help protect vaults and safe deposit boxes from loot.
Streamline the KYC process and improve compliance.
Flexible and powerful
Facial Biometrics
Facial recognition/facial biometrics technology has a wide range of applications; for example, using the built-in camera of a tablet, smartphone or computer, facial recognition software can replace passwords for device and user account access. In law enforcement, the technology can help identify suspects, and in border control deployments, it can be used to streamline security operations. Another popular application of facial recognition systems is access control for high-value sites. In the commercial sector, marketers and retailers are adopting the technology as a means of collecting important demographic data.
Technology has definitely matured and is slowly being integrated into people's lives and making life easier due to its usability. From its invention to its accessibility, artificial intelligence is not only here to stay, but to grow and conquer.

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