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Who is better at biometrics?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-07-26

Who is better at biometrics?
Fingerprint recognition is the most mature, iris recognition is the safest, face recognition is the most extensive
With the rapid development of biometrics, fingerprint recognition technology on iPhone makes people's devices more secure, but users often ask: which is the most convenient and safe biometrics, such as face recognition, iris recognition and fingerprint recognition?
To get a sense of who's best at identifying technology, here are three ways to do personal authentication:
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Identify devices such as NFC mobile phones and smart CARDS
Plaintext passwords, such as PIN, password
The user's own biological characteristics, such as fingerprints and iris。
The first two methods can only guarantee 100% that the intermediate verified messages are correct, but it is difficult to guarantee that the back-end person is correct.The third kind of biometrics brings a verification loop between people and behavior, and another benefit is convenience.
Once you understand biotechnology, you should also remove three factors that affect the end user experience:
Hardware product quality is the key factor of image input quality.
Biometrics algorithm determines the results of biometrics verification, and is also an important factor affecting the speed and performance
Biometrics have their own advantages and limitations. At present, fingerprint is the most widely used and mature technology, which is also the starting point of biometrics application.Fingerprint identification is relatively cheap, functional features, is also a very reliable way to verify.But for more advanced security options, the fingerprint will also need to be used with a smart card or password.At present, the security level of fingerprint identification in the mainstream applications of mobile phones or tablets is relatively low. Although the sensor can achieve simple interaction with users, the identification will be affected to some extent when the fingers are in the state of moisture, molting and injury.
Biometric Fingerprint Device
FP08 Fingerprint Handheld Terminal 
1. 8 inch screen
2. 4G, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi
3. TCS1 Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor (Optical FBI Cerificated Fingerprint Sensor)
4. NFC Support
Iris recognition has been hailed as the most accurate and secure form of biometrics, but it is relatively expensive and requires specialized hardware.With the maturity of technology, iris recognition at the current stage is no longer a "prohibitive" state for manufacturers, many manufacturers have even developed a delicate, small mobile terminal dedicated iris module, high cost performance.
Vein recognition is the next safest and most accurate form of biometric authentication, providing a high quality authentication similar to fingerprint recognition and also directly interacting with the user.
vein scanner

V1000 Android Windows Linux USB Finger Vein Scanner

1. Support Multi-system :Windows Linux Android system

2. Independent core patent protection                                            
3. Small size, easy to use and take
4. Module obtained from the Ministry of Public Security product testing and certification

Face recognition is contactless, friendly and convenient, and a better way to use cameras.It can be used in a wide range of environments, including construction sites, mobile devices, website logins, etc., without even requiring specialized hardware support.
Facial Recognition device

RA05 Moving Face Recognition Detecting With NFC WIFI For Out Door

1. Detect from 0.5 - 4 meters
2. Multi person verification 
3. Dynamic live face, reject picture
4. Detect walking person
5. Logo on device, save cost
6. Third camera register available
7. Android system
8. Cloud support
9. API interface flexible
10. Attendance & access control
11. User-friendly free software (click here for video: