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Which BVR System Can Make Voting Process be Faster & Effective?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-08-07

(1)Indian 2019 Election:

2.3 million sets of traditional election voting machines ( EVMs)---900 million voters

How did they do it? Pls check below pictures:


India Election


India Election


India Election


India Election


(2) Indonesian 2019 Election:

More than 190 million people voted in the Indonesian elections that began on April 17. The Indonesian Election Commission has 890,500 polling stations on more than 17,000 islands and deploys more than 6 million electoral officials. It is the most complex election in the world.

How did they do it?


India Election


India Election


Hiring a lot part-time workers to do counting of voting tickets!

The staff often work in the sweltering environment until late at night, which causes serious damage to many people's bodies.

Although about 7 million people help count and supervise the counting of votes, the counting work is still "fatal" for the staff because they have to count one by one.


Until end of April, already had 272 workers died. That is so sad!


Which BVR system can make election job be easier? More and more countires are using 442 Fingerprint Scanner Election Box now which can save a lot time & reduce labor.

Biometric makes life be easier!