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What to consider when choosing a biometric access control system?

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-01-03

Due to different technologies applied in the market, such as fingerprints, face, iris recognition, etc., there are many confusions in the factors that users consider when choosing a biometric access control solution, which makes it impossible to confirm which technology is truly suitable for their project. Based on the domestic situation, let's talk about the following factors that need to be considered when choosing a biometric model. It is worth noting that these elements are just general standards, because in different projects, there is no single best model, and factors such as location, environment, and application population must be fully considered to select the most suitable solution.
With the maturity of technology, the accuracy of biometric solutions is constantly improving, but it is still one of the most fundamental needs of customers. To measure the accuracy of a product, there are usually misjudgment acceptance rates (FRR), false alarm rates, and recognition. Rate, false rejection rate (FAR) and other indicators. Taking face recognition as an example, although it has high convenience, its recognition accuracy is affected by factors such as ambient light and recognition distance. When the user changes the face through means such as makeup and cosmetic surgery, the recognition is also performed. Of accuracy.
User acceptance
The most important thing in all product solutions is user acceptance. For example, many users around the world will reject such products on the grounds that the fingerprint sensor is not hygienic. At the same time, the sensor also has certain requirements on the user's finger when scanning. In this case, non-contact technology has developed rapidly. At the level of user acceptance, cultural factors are the most critical. For example, face recognition and fingerprint recognition are considered negative behaviors in some countries. Therefore, understanding which models are acceptable to users is the deployment of biometric solutions. key.
As with cybersecurity hazards, the popularity of biometric solutions has become a target of criminal attempts to sabotage. At present, many criminals around the world enter restricted areas or directly attack by entering interactive instructions. Therefore, when choosing an access control solution, the security of the system should be considered. For example, the current AI imitates human faces or fingerprints. In this case, future multimodal fusion recognition methods, such as gait + face integration recognition, etc., will further improve the security of the solution.
Cost is a problem that users generally consider, especially when choosing the best and most effective identification hardware, cost is often the decisive factor. However, users must also be aware that based on advanced technology and hardware foundation, biometric access control will no longer be a traditional closed system, and its openness may produce new benefits (such as video surveillance for building access control systems, building intercom, Extended application functions such as security prediction, emergency alarm, etc.), and such investment will also see a return on investment in the short term.
The environment in which the access control solution is installed plays an important role in the accuracy of product identification. As mentioned above, neither facial recognition nor iris recognition can work properly in the ground light environment. Before deciding on the product's modal, These factors must be taken into account, and the environment can be modified, if necessary, to add additional lights, etc. to supplement the light.
When choosing a solution, you also need to consider the scale of the application. It is not only the number of devices that need to be installed. This is not only related to cost, but also to experience.
Due to early cost and technical constraints, fingerprint recognition is the most popular form on the market, but in recent years, especially in the financial and prison industries, biometrics are becoming popular. Among them, iris recognition has been used in some high-end projects due to relatively high accuracy popular. In addition, global users are increasingly interested in multimodal fusion recognition methods.
Facial Biometric Access Control
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Biometric access control products have high security. After all, biometric features are unforgeable and the only feature. Therefore, in today's relatively strict environment for information security, it is entirely possible to choose the most advanced biometric products, such as iris and veins. Satisfy customers ...
Application of biometric technology in access control system
With the continuous development of biometric technology and the maturity of technology applications, its application in access control systems is also increasing. Biometric technology is more secure, confidential and convenient than traditional identification methods. It has the advantages of being difficult to forget, good anti-counterfeiting performance, not easy to be forged or stolen, portable and available at any time, etc. The combination of access control products and biotechnology has led to fingerprint access control, finger vein access control, iris access control, various Biometric access control products such as biometric card readers. Biometric products comply with the needs of the access control market and comply with security product development strategies. They can enhance the competitiveness of overall security solutions. They are one of the essential products for industry applications and can improve project design highlights and security levels. Now, biometric products are gradually shifting to the civilian market and integrated into the construction of public safety.
Biometric products can be applied to different occasions. According to different occasions, different technologies of biological access control products can be selected. Fingerprint veins, iris products can be selected for high security places, and access control products such as fingerprints can be used for small office places.
Biometric access control products have high security. After all, biometric features are unforgeable and the only feature. Therefore, in today's relatively strict environment for information security, it is entirely possible to choose the most advanced biometric products, such as iris and veins. Meet customers' requirements for high security of the system, and can use inductive card technology, combined with multiple identification technology, can further improve the product's security level.
Fingerprint Facial Biometric Access Control
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Comparison and application of various biometric technologies
Biometric technology samples human biological features, extracts features and converts them into digital codes, and further composes these codes into feature templates. The biometrics that can be used for biometrics are hand shape, fingerprint, face shape, iris, retina, pulse, auricle, etc., and behavioral characteristics include signature, voice, and key strength. Based on these characteristics, people have developed a variety of biometric technologies such as hand recognition, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, pronunciation recognition, iris recognition, and signature recognition.
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