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What should we do if can not put fingerprint

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

1. A light finger on the attendance machine can not move to take fingerprints.
2. Do not press too hard attendance, especially in the fingertips and fingernails mirror.
3. The fight is not on the card, check to see if their own fingers in the following circumstances:
  (1) is polished on fingerprints fingers peeling lead fingerprint incomplete.
  (2) cause peeling finger fingerprint incomplete finger temperature low or too dry.
 (3) low temperature or too dry finger
Such cases generally breathed after finger or a wet wipe can generally be resolved. Like it can be solved. In case not hit on the card, please sign in manually.
4. The event is not on the card, please sign in manually. In case of punch card machines are not light or other abnormalities lead to not hit on the card, please hand sign, overhaul punch card machines, caused not hit on the card, please hand sign, and timely stops personnel or IT overhaul punch card machines, rigorous unauthorized demolition dynamic punch card machine.
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