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What is the strength of biometrics

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-04-23

Fingerprint recognition is a kind of biometric technology that humans mastered earlier.
Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, voice recognition, vein recognition, pupil recognition ... these biometric technologies that once appeared only in "Mission Impossible" and other blockbuster films, have now gradually unveiled the mystery and entered the daily life of the public . The use of smartphones, work attendance, time card attendance, bank account withdrawals, academic qualifications and other examinations can be completed through biometric technology.
Professional technicians, equipment providers, and ordinary consumers have their own judgments and experiences about which technology has advantages and which technologies have weaknesses.
Biometric Fingerprint Fingerprint Scanner
Biometric Fingerprint Fingerprint Scanner China Manufacturer
"People used to think that fingerprint recognition is very safe. Except when the hands are dirty and the skin is damaged, there is no big problem. This ignores the risk of fingerprint recognition." IResearch is a recognition technology company in Guangzhou. engineer. He told reporters that fingerprint recognition is currently the most widely used recognition technology. Fingerprint recognition technology is easy to use, but it is easy to copy and introduces security risks. There have been incidents in which the gunman replaced the exam with a simulated fingerprint film.
However, for low-risk applications, such as attendance at work, fingerprint recognition is a low-cost biometric technology. After all, the price of an ordinary fingerprint recognition machine is about 200 yuan, and some are less than 1,000 yuan.
Compared with fingerprint recognition, eye recognition technology has higher security and is not easy to copy, because it needs to identify different living organisms by identifying unique eye vein patterns to achieve a high degree of security and non-reproducibility. Some mobile phones such as Vivo X5Pro, TCL, etc. use this technology. However, the disadvantage of eye recognition technology is that it will be restricted to use in a dark environment, and the recognition time is long, which is not as convenient as fingerprint recognition.
Infrared Facial Recognition Access Machine
Infrared Facial Recognition Access Machine
In addition, facial recognition and voice recognition technology has also become quite popular recently. For example, at the IT Expo in Hanover, Germany last March, Alibaba founder Jack Ma demonstrated the face-sweeping technology of Ant Financial. On the current WeChat version, you can also log in through "Voice Lock". After the user activates the "voice lock" function in WeChat settings, when logging out and logging in again, as long as the corresponding number is read out, the user can enter WeChat without entering a password.
Of course, there are loopholes in both technologies. For example, "twins" with similar faces may be confused and difficult to recognize after a facelift; and the sound can be imitated under the treatment of a voice changer. However, because these two technologies are not so demanding on equipment and simple for users, they are still favored by banks and other institutions. For banks, through multiple recognition technologies (such as the combination of face-swapping and voice-swapping), and then supplemented by inputting reserved mobile phone numbers and passwords, the security of operations such as withdrawals can be effectively improved.
Face Scan Access Control Facial Recognition
Face Scan Access Control Facial Recognition
And for vein recognition technology, it is also unique and exclusive, as the accuracy of identity authorization and authentication is quite high. However, since the vein blood vessel image inside the finger needs to be accurately captured by a special optical lens, there are limitations in the promotion.
In addition, for the industry's highly-recognized iris (circular part between the black pupil and the white sclera) recognition technology, its recognition misrecognition rate can be as low as 1 part per million, compared with fingerprint recognition The false recognition rate is 0.8%, and face recognition is 2%. However, due to the high requirements of the device for iris recognition, many mobile phones equipped with ordinary cameras cannot implement this technology. At the same time, the market price of single iris recognition machine and other equipment is on average between 15,000 and 20,000 yuan, and the price of individual equipment is higher. Therefore, to get better promotion, cost reduction is the first problem encountered by this technology.
In the face of the advantages and disadvantages of these biometric technologies, such as(Biometric Fingerprint Fingerprint Scanner, Infrared Facial Recognition Access Machine, Face Scan Access Control Facial Recognition)  some insiders said that in the future, composite biometric technologies will gradually replace single biometric technologies. With the continuous expansion of the application field, the new generation of biometrics technology, with its unique characteristics, will surely lead the single biometrics to the direction of biometrics.
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