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What is the relationship between RFID and security

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

        The past life of RFID
        RFID full name is Radio Frequency Identification, that is, radio frequency identification technology. As a technology created in the fifties and sixties of the 20th century, the first has now widely applied to the Internet of things, medical, security and other fields, if you do not understand the RFID, it can only show you OUT.
        At present, many domestic industries have used radio frequency identification technology. Such as industry and logistics, including asset tracking and logistics, waste management, animal identification, retail and manufacturing, and health care. Such as the label attached to a car is being produced, the factory can track the progress of this car in the production line. Warehouse can track the whereabouts of the drug. Radio tags can also be attached to livestock and pets to facilitate the active identification of livestock and pets. With the development of technology, and now some radio frequency labels even attached to clothing, personal belongings, and even implanted within the human body.
        The biggest advantage of radio frequency identification technology in the field of security, counterfeiting problems in the world are a headache, FID can easily achieve product traceability management, in fact, RFID in food safety applications can also be seen as a security application The RFID-based product traceability management system, you can achieve the entire product life cycle tracking, feedback, query, archive and management. Consumers and regulators can efficiently, real-time and convenient access to product information, a comprehensive monitoring of planting, breeding source pollution, production and processing of additives and harmful substances, circulation of security risks, the food safety risks for effective assessment and scientific warning.
        Security demand for RFID is increasing
        RFID as a security and Internet of things one of the key technologies, the current product and system solutions are increasingly rich, the market has gradually penetrated the application areas continue to expand the extension. Especially in the intelligent transportation, intelligent parking, intelligent access control, RF anti-theft products and solutions such as the application, RFID players increasingly important role.
        The rapid spread of RFID technology in the security industry is inseparable from its many performance characteristics, such as rapid scanning, small size, diversification of shapes, reusable, penetrating and barrier-free reading, large data memory capacity, Durability and other advantages of environmental adaptability, so that RFID can be stored in the information capacity, data can be updated at any time, readable and writable on the basis of a variety of complex use of the environment to ensure data security.
        Of course, RFID in the security industry, there are some constraints in the application, because RFID easy to read, making its chip stored personal information is easy to be access to others, for access control products and anti-theft products, the consequences may be more serious. The Another factor is that the price is still an insurmountable RFID, although RFID technology has a lot of advantages, but when it comes to RFID, people will first think of its high cost. Domestic RFID market has not yet detonated, but also a high cost of a certain relationship. However, it is precisely because of the existence of these deficiencies, to promote the RFID in the continuous development of new encryption technology, while improving R & D capabilities to reduce costs for RFID technology in the field of rapid development of security continue to clear the obstacles.