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What are the advantages and disadvantages of biometric fingerprint scanners?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-03-29


What are the disadvantages of USB fingerprint Scanner Identification ?


  • Physical Disabilities
Fingerprint authentication systems can only recognize fingerprint information entered through the system, and once this fingerprint information is altered, the authentication system will most likely not be able to recognize the user. What are the reasons for these problems?
  1. Fingerprint information wear.
  2. Non-existent fingerprints.
  3. Fingerprints are contaminated.
Once the above situation occurs, the previous authentication method can not be in the authentication, we need to contact the administrator to replace the authentication method, and delete the previous fingerprint entry information
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  • Expensive on the Pocket
A basic fingerprint scanner for laptops recognition system can achieve reliable, convenient functionality. But if users need to develop more features to integrate, hardware configuration, software development these additional configurations will incur some other costs, especially which small businesses, no software developers, and not familiar enough with hardware settings
  • Biometric features are unique and cannot be changed
Like other systems, biometric systems are not perfect. The system is still evolving to become better. This means that users cannot rely on the security of their data. If data is stolen, they can't try to "change" their identity traits in the same way they can change their passwords in a security breach.Scanner Issues
The above mentioned software, security issues, and problems with the device natively can also bring a bad experience. When the fingerprint scanner module is damaged, the fingerprint can not be entered, the information already entered will not match, especially when the company is used for attendance, the damage to the equipment will greatly delay the efficiency of the work, so it should be equipped with sufficient inventory of equipment to ensure the normal operation of the company
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  • Software Malfunction
The biometric software is an internet based automated management system that requires electricity and a network to maintain it and keep it running. Usually once the electricity and network are missing, the biometric network is also unable to enter or exit.
  • Remote access is intercepted
In the event of a security breach crisis, the system backend cannot be logged in, resulting in the administrator being unable to log in to the backend in time to eliminate user personal information, and private data.
  • Security Breaches
In the event of a security breach, hackers often use this vulnerability to attack the system as a way to steal all the data. The hacker will do secondary processing of this data in the next time, which creates a great security risk.
  • Fake Positives
This behavior is always present, both in the world of hacking and in society's theft. Thieves can make their own silicone fingerprints scanner prices to access sensitive data about an organization, making biometric security vulnerable.
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  • Exclusions
While fingerprints are relatively stable over a person's lifetime, there are some people who are excluded from the system. For example, older people with a history of physical labor may have difficulty enrolling worn fingerprints into the system, or people who have lost fingers or hands will be excluded.
  • Easier to Steal
Nowadays, fingerprint scanners are getting smaller and smaller, easy to be stolen
What is the main advantage of the Stqc Cerification fingerprint scanner Biometric Device?
  • Faster authentication
Previously, traditional companies used the "pencil and paper" method for attendance, and needed to arrange a professional person to count and check the attendance reports. This work is time-consuming and labor-intensive. But fingerprint biometric attendance system eliminates the link of manual statistics, employees only need to enter the information in advance, open the attendance, and the background will automatically generate attendance data.
  • Improves the Security System
Some of the data security methods we know are password, PIN, login, etc. Once the password length is too long, the password can be forgotten, and if the password length is too short, it can be easily cracked. Fingerprint authentication eliminates the disadvantage of remembering passwords and is extremely secure because fingerprints cannot be replaced
  • Maximizes Convenience
Fingerprint authentication systems are a convenient way to keep track of every employee in an organization because they provide real sign-in and sign-out data. HR officers don't have to browse through tons of time sheets to calculate individual employees' leave, late check-ins or overtime hours. This handy tool collects all the information for you. 
  • Set up security control access rights
The use of passwords and pin codes does not allow you to accurately set access rights in real time and ensure that everyone is within their area. 5. 5. Fingerprint recognition access system can set the access rights of each employee in the background to ensure the security of data and economy. 5.
  • Scalability
Fingerprint biometric system is one system per organization transaction. The technology can be used in multiple aspects of an organization, whether it is a new department or a special project. It is currently the most scalable security solution for large and small businesses.
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For example, banks are investing in affordable mobile application development and biometrics, where users can sign using their fingerprints on their smartphones!
  • Flexible and convenient
Fingerprint authentication systems offer users the flexibility of using their physical characteristics without having to remember passwords or PINs. In the present day, most smartphones, have fingerprint scanners that allow users to quickly access files on the phone. Likewise, applications like WhatsApp offer finger recognition that can help users protect their data from unwanted theft.
  • Offers the best ROI
Compared to other security solutions, fingerprint identification authentication systems offer an unparalleled ROI. It is a single device that can track every check-in and employee access in large enterprises. This device is much better than a resource who would be paid handsomely to do the same job.
  • Complete Data Accuracy
The data provided by company biometrics is 100% authentic and reliable. Fingerprint identification system only allows users who have registered and successfully identified to enter the area, without registration or verification of unsuccessful users are prohibited to pass. Once the physical characteristics are logged into the system, the data is secured by limiting external access.
  • Ease of use
For the user, fingerprint recognition is simple and practical. No more keys, no more worrying about forgetting my password and not being able to enter my home, no more worrying about losing my password and compromising security, our fingerprints are always with us!
  • Non-transferable
Fingerprints are not transferable or replaceable, eliminating the possibility of co-workers helping to punch in and share passwords. The ability to know the attendance and access of each user.
  • Accountability
Because of the unique certainty of scan fingerprints online, when any situation occurs, responsibility can be placed on the person based on the fingerprint. Avoid disputes
  • Cost effective
From a technology management perspective, fingerprinting is now a cost-effective security solution. Small handheld scanners are easy to set up and benefit from a high level of accuracy.  
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Are fingerprint scanners reliable?

The biometric fingerprint authentication system leads the way in corporate security because it is a breakthrough that continues to improve with the latest technological advances. It certainly has more pros than cons, but it is still a far from perfect system.
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