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How to Make Web Based Fingerprint Authentication Developing

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-02-24

How does Biometric Web Fingerprint Module work?

biometric wireless fingerprint reader series

Web Fingerprint integration module is designed and developed for stand-alone PCs, networked PCs, client-server based web applications, and any other computer scenarios. Our web fingerprint module enables you to add fingerprint registration and verification to your web applications thus reducing development time and helps you control access via web by use of biometric fingerprints, This module supports Internet Explorer in Windows XP, Vista, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


To use this 'web fingerprint integration' module you will require one / any of the following Fingerprint Reader devices

1. HF4000 fingerprint reader

2. HF6000 fingerprint reader

3. HF7000 fingerprint reader
The Fingerprint REGISTRATION module allows you to add more input values that you intend to capture during fingerprint enrolment. At the moment it allows for capturing First Name, Second Name and Cellphone Number but the developer can add more input values as they please or modify the current input values to what suits the application they are integrating with.

Input values keyless front door locks entered at the textboxs and the enrolled fingerprints are are saved into a MySQL database. A backup SQL script of this database is provided in the 'web fingerprint integration' hotel lock system package when you download it.

The Fingerprint VERIFICATION module has two provisions for adding URLs to your web application. They are;


1. URL for SUCCESS: Allows developer to add a URL to direct application after SUCCESSFUL fingerprint verification.

2. URL for FAIL: Allows developer to add a URL to direct application after a fingerprint verification FAILED on presented fingerprint.


You will start integrating biometrics into your web application in just a matter of minutes!

If you would like to have this module for integrating your web application projects with fingerprint registration and identification, write to me on the contacts below.

More information about this Web based time tracking software free Biometric Fingerprint Module is available here: