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Wal-Mart patents wearable containing healthcare data in blockchain accessed with biometrics

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-06-21

Wal-Mart has been awarded a patent for a system to store and share vital health information through blockchain and biometrics, Coingeek reports.

In the system described in the patent for “Obtaining a Medical Record Stored on a Blockchain from a Wearable Device,” the private key is held on a device such as a bracelet, and accessed by first responders using the wearer’s fingerprint, iris, or facial biometrics. In addition to information for the blockchain database, the wearable device includes the biometric scanner and an RFID scanner to match the private key on the device to the public key.

This would give first responders and other healthcare providers fast access to current health information about the patient to inform care decisions.

The retail giant, which Coingeek reports already has a number of blockchain-related patents, received the new one from the U.S. Patent and Trademark