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Visual doorbell intercom Tips

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Q: If the host cell maintenance and extension of different brands can be mutually compatible?

A: can not compatible, the bus is because wiring, the agreement may be different, and therefore compatible with the possibility of almost zero, unless the two manufacturers to find the bottom of the agreement. ip access control

Currently Fingerprint and face video intercom products basically no standards at all, products of different manufacturers biometric id can not be interconnected, video intercom and other subsystems are basically not weak subsystems interconnection, the reason is that there is no standard. Without standards, lack of openness, the system can not be interconnected, we can not guarantee  long-term product warranty and service industry can not develop healthily. Therefore, the market is looking forward to an open and standardized products appear. digital locks

Huifan are wroking hard for it .