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Vision-Box to present Seamless Airport 4.0 at Passenger Terminal 2018

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-02-26

February 23, 2018 - 

Vision-Box has announced it will present its new Seamless Airport 4.0 ecosystem for frictionless, contactless passenger interactions at next month’s Passenger Terminal Expo 2018.

The solution was originally introduced by Vision-Box at Future Travel Experience Asia 2017 in November.

Seamless Airport 4.0 is a line of self-service and mobile interaction points, with single-token biometrics used for clearing checkpoints, booking services, shopping, and receiving personal information. It has a minimal environmental footprint, and enables a single interoperable digital identity with connections to IoT interaction points. The connectivity is provided by the company’s vb Orchestra platform, and the IoT interaction points offer personalized engagement through AI and Deep Machine Learning engines developed by Vision-Box.

The ecosystem also includes the company’s Mobile ID technology, which uses encryption and digitally signed data structures to securely store biographic and biometric data in customers’ mobile devices.

“Within the next five years, Seamless Airport 4.0 will turn airports into a place to move through, rather than a place to line up in,” says Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO. “The digitalization of the airport experience and the integration of intelligent data into the airport management business model is a reality. It means a fully-connected, multi-stakeholder presence addressing operational, safety, passenger flow and management needs, as well as advanced passenger engagement, in real time. Data orchestration offers a true business platform for collaborative decision-making towards a more passenger-friendly airport that increases capacity without infrastructure growth, and increases revenue through enhanced data analysis.”


The data analysis is provided by vb dashbox, the analytics tool provided by the company as the ecosystem’s central hub of intelligent data management.

Tanzania recently selected Vision-Box to provide solutions for enhanced border security at the country’s airports.