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Under the face recognition, brushing the face will become the mainstream mode for future pedestrians.

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-11-14

Biometrics technology is closely combined with high-tech means such as optics, acoustics, biosensors and biostatistics. It uses the inherent physiological characteristics and behavioral characteristics of the human body to identify individual identities.
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In the process of intelligent development of the entrance and exit control system, more biometric identification technologies are applied, such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, palmprint recognition and iris recognition.
Face recognition is a biometric recognition technique based on facial facial information and features. It is irreplaceable, excellent, and non-replicable. It provides important conditions for identification and identification.
The entrance and exit control system with face recognition will promote “quick pass”, which can realize the quick recognition opening in 0.2 seconds, which not only improves the efficiency, but also avoids the trouble of forgetting to bring the key and the IC card. And the access rights are set in combination with the situation, including, but not limited to, the time period, the access point, and the like.
Face recognition is also called face recognition, face recognition, etc. The industry refers to face recognition. Face recognition is based on facial features of the human body for identity recognition. In fact, it includes standard video recognition and thermal imaging techniques.
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Standard video recognition is to record facial features such as the shape and relative position of the eyes, nose, and mouth of a photographer through an ordinary camera, and then convert it into a digital signal, and then use a computer for identification.
Video face recognition is a common form of identification and is now widely used in the field of public safety. Thermal imaging technology primarily produces facial images by analyzing the thermal radiation generated by facial blood. Unlike video recognition, thermal imaging technology does not require a good light source and can be used even in the dark.
The intelligent face recognition import and export equipment products improve the reliability of the access control time and attendance system, and greatly reduce potential technical vulnerabilities, such as misidentification, biological monitoring and other hidden dangers and risks.
From the perspective of management, the face recognition door system can quickly and automatically generate the user's needs according to the sorting conditions such as the time of entry and exit, the number of times of entry and exit, and can export the report of the gate record, which is convenient for the management personnel to query and count into the automatic attendance system.
Intelligent face recognition through the swing gate, convenient access, fast traffic, safe passage, effectively improve the efficiency of traffic, reduce the waste of human and physical, will become the mainstream mode of pedestrians in the future.
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In the process of building a smart city, with the breakthrough of new technologies such as biometrics and artificial intelligence, the access control applied to face recognition technology has gradually replaced traditional access control. The face recognition system has gradually been favored by property companies. So why is the application of face recognition technology on the access control system increasingly popular?
This is because the problem faced by the traditional access control system is the traditional access control card system. If the user loses the access control card or forgets to bring the access control card during use, it may fall into the embarrassment of not being able to pass the access control. And if it is used by criminals, its security is not guaranteed.
Although it is said that fingerprint recognition technology is also applied in the access control system, fingerprint recognition access control may cause great difficulty in accessing the door if there is a situation in which the user's fingerprint is broken or wet.
The application of face recognition technology in the access control system, compared with the traditional access control card system and the fingerprint identification access control system, has obvious advantages, because the face recognition system access control is based on the facial features of people to identify, without Card, you only need to level the face information in the property management office, you can brush your face. Moreover, the face recognition system can effectively improve the identification of the entry and exit personnel, improve security management, and manage visitors.
With the continuous advancement of face recognition technology, its existing problems will be solved. In the future, the face recognition access control system will be more and more powerful and applied to more scenes.
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