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U.S. government uses facial recognition technology

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-11-02

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You are living in the United States, and many times you do not realize that your facial information has been analyzed or monitored by facial recognition technology.
Across the United States, government use of facial recognition technology is increasing. This technology records features with unique information in facial information and encodes the feature points into computer language, which is compared and identified with the information in the image database. Every coin has two sides, supportive and critical. Some critics artificially believe that this inadvertent surveillance or recognition of citizens’ facial information poses a danger to citizens’ privacy and seriously endangers citizens’ personal information and safety. It is precisely because of this concern that the scope of all facial recognition is still not disclosed in the United States, and technicians will continue to study to quantify this facial recognition technology and increase the scope of facial recognition.
There is a map in the Digital Rights Organization called "Fight for the Future". This map can clearly and intuitively show that US law enforcement agencies use software to monitor or obtain tens of thousands of Americans without the knowledge or consent of citizens. The number of facial recognition photos.
Although this map cannot cover all regions or bases, it is also one of the more comprehensive guides. This map shows the most basic and most life-like usage of facial recognition.
The map compiles existing data from the Privacy and Software Technology Center of Georgetown Law, as well as data from news reports, press releases, and other sources.
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For example, in several states in the United States, the FBI allows the use of facial recognition scanning technology. They use facial recognition technology to scan photos of driver’s licenses. The photos scanned through facial recognition are matched with the DMV database. In order to judge whether the citizen’s driver’s license is qualified, these states are Texas, Florida and Perseverance Noy. In many airports in the United States, Customs and Border Protection also uses facial recognition technology to check passengers on international flights. Using facial recognition to check personnel information can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of investigation.
In the map of the future, in addition to seeing the frequency of scanning facial information by US law enforcement agencies, it can also be intuitively seen where and through what application facial recognition technology is used. As the scope of facial recognition applications continues to expand, American legislators have been thinking about exploring whether facial recognition technology should be banned.
Although the U.S. Congress has not enacted legislation prohibiting this technology on facial recognition technology, lawmakers from all states have raised concerns about facial recognition technology. Because many states and cities have enacted legislation prohibiting the use of facial recognition technology.
Many government departments still hope to use facial recognition technology, such as the police department. Law enforcement officers in the police department said they are eager to use facial recognition technology, which can more effectively identify and arrest criminals. In all corners of the world, as long as we have this technology, we can identify the criminal through surveillance or scanning, which is very effective in capturing criminals. Police officers in Maryland State used the AI   facial recognition algorithm to prepare and arrest a suspected deadly shooting. And the Department of Homeland Security believes that the facial technology can better help the government to screen immigration information and prevent the transfer of people without information.
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In recent years, the application and value of face recognition technology has been continuously expanded and displayed in various industries. It has been used in banking, transportation, large-scale test airports, etc., and its advantages have been favored and recognized by most domestic users, but there are also Part of it said that the technology affects people’s privacy, so face recognition technology is considered a very controversial technology, especially in foreign countries, IBM, Google, Microsoft and other giants have expressed that they currently suspend the development of face recognition technology until the relevant rules Officially launched.
Nowadays, the new crown epidemic is raging around the world. Face recognition technology does help prevent and detect the virus in this regard, and can effectively prevent the spread of the new crown epidemic. However, this technology has to be denied to some extent. There are also loopholes and privacy and security issues.
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Why should we consider the security of face recognition technology?
At present, face recognition system recognition mainly includes two applications, one is designed to detect people and is currently used in various public safety surveillance applications, such as video surveillance systems, and the other is to ensure that people are successfully recognized, which involves biological Recognition applications, such as mobile phone face unlocking, and smart home smart lock applications.
There is a problem involved. Let’s leave aside for the time being in foreign countries. As far as our country is concerned, if the law has not issued relevant protection policies in this regard, the former will be recognized and collected by the face recognition system without the consent of the individual subject. Face information, once the collector fails to properly keep and divulge, maliciously collect and illegally trade information, this will involve personal privacy and security issues, and serious risks will be unpredictable. Once such incidents occur frequently, they will inevitably deepen people’s The worries and concerns of face recognition technology hinder the development of face recognition technology.
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Nowadays, many research methods and papers that bypass the face recognition system have been spread on the Internet, and related development tools can be used to carry out attacks such as sabotage or fraud.
What measures should be taken to protect face recognition technology?
Protecting the security of face recognition is a complex process that involves analysis of different security areas. Enterprises can continuously check and upgrade software and hardware, while governments or institutions can issue relevant policies to improve the use of regulations and eliminate users' concerns.
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