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Trexscan releases mobile biometric time and attendance solution

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-08-07

Trexscan has released its mobile biometrics-based time and attendance and scheduling software for small to medium-sized businesses in the security and construction industry.
The web based and mobile application enables employees to clock in and out using a mobile biometric scanner connected to any Android device. With live data sync and access to post sheet data in real time, companies can manage critical payroll related functions through Trexscan' s payroll partners.
"Our main aims of developing Trexscan are to make sure that employees work scheduled time, come on time and do not leave early and to calculate total working hours including overtime and enable companies to execute their payroll using Trexscan." explained Mr. Larry Kgatle, Trexscan Communications Manager.
The mobile application will be used by supervisors to enroll employees' fingerprints, view employees' schedules and post sheets. With the same app, enrolled employees will be able to clock in and out. The app is now available at Google Play Store.