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Top8 face recognition attendance system project

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-08

Face recognition attendance access control projects are applicable to many scenarios. Users can develop compatibility according to their needs. Then today I will introduce you to the most popular 8 face recognition projects
1、Site face recognition attendance
Face recognition access control can verify the real-name identity of employees and realize real-name management for site personnel. Workers' identity information and faces are entered into the system in advance, and detailed attendance information is recorded when workers clock in and out of work. Face recognition access control not only solves the problem of workers' attendance, but also avoids the situation of losing the card instead of punching and punching credentials. Face recognition access control can also effectively prevent outsiders from entering and leaving the site at will, making the site's personnel management more standardized.
Face recognition technology, as a means of real-name verification, fits perfectly with the real-name management of construction sites. By entering workers' information into the face recognition system and filing it in the public security system, it can fully avoid the loopholes of losing punch card credentials or punching cards under false names, and properly manage personnel access, solving two major problems of attendance and personnel flow management at one go.
face recognition attendance system project
Construction workers only need to enter their own face and identity information in advance, and when clocking in and out of work through dynamic capture of site photos, and the initial face library recorded for comparison, screening out the corresponding personnel information, can be recorded in the attendance information, but also to restrict the outsiders who have not entered the information to enter the site at will.
2、Face recognition time and attendance of office buildings
Now more and more office buildings install face recognition access control, without other media, brush your face to pass, so that employee attendance is more convenient and fast. Enterprises can set the corresponding attendance time on the face recognition access control according to their own time requirements and attendance rules, and the attendance situation will be recorded in real time while the employees swipe their faces to punch the card. It can also be used with the attendance management platform, and the attendance information of employees can be viewed through the management platform at any time, which is convenient and accurate.
Face recognition attendance application can also be installed in and out of office premises, according to the actual needs of the scene and attendance rules to set attendance time, personnel "swipe face" attendance, the system real-time accurate record of personnel attendance. Managers can check the attendance status of personnel at any time through the management background, and the data is clear at a glance and easy to check.
3、Campus Face Recognition Attendance
Unlike traditional paper sign-in, verbal roll call and manual card swiping, students only need to capture face information through the camera to achieve millisecond punching and signing in, and multiple students can also complete accurate identification and realize batch punching when passing the camera at the same time, which greatly saves time for signing in and improves classroom teaching efficiency.
 The school adopts face recognition access control, which can realize face attendance for students. As long as students appear in the recognition range of face recognition access control, their face information can be captured quickly and they can punch in and sign in within seconds. The face recognition access control attendance machine way and the traditional oral roll call, paper sign-in and other ways, compared to the time to sign in greatly reduced, but also to enhance the efficiency of classroom teaching. In addition, face recognition access control can prevent photo deception, video deception and statue deception, which can effectively avoid students from signing in instead. By using face recognition access control attendance all-in-one machine, students' attendance data is more convenient to trace, and attendance data can generate reports in the management platform, which makes students' attendance more intuitive and also helps teachers and parents better understand students' situation and make class attendance more standardized.
In addition, the face attendance makes the sign-in more standardized and avoids the occurrence of substituted sign-in. The face sign-in data can be traced, making class attendance and individual attendance at a glance, helping teachers and parents better understand students' status.
face recognition attendance system project
4. Face recognition self-service terminal
The face recognition system is added to the self-service equipment. After the face recognition technology compares the facial data collected on site with the ID card photo and detects the similarity at the same time, the staff can identify whether they can be allowed to enter directly or have to do manual inspection according to the matching degree. This is now widely used in the banking or securities industry, for example, users can change their passwords and change their business at self-service terminals
5. Identity verification and human witness comparison
 In some transportation departments, public security organs and some special scenes, face recognition is used to quickly determine whether the detecting person is himself or herself and is a real person. The application of face recognition system can not only improve the efficiency of business processing, and can also reduce the time cost of manual audit.
6. Face recognition access control
The security field is the most widely used face recognition system. That is, the combination of face recognition technology and access control system, after face recognition to be used as access control keys. Compared with the traditional access card, face recognition can save the owner from the embarrassment of forgetting to carry the access card. And because face recognition does not use any actual material to open the door, so there is no trouble of replacement after loss, face recognition system can largely enhance the security management of the community, is a development trend of the future access control system.
7. Face recognition attendance
Face recognition system is also widely used in schools and many large enterprises, face recognition system can automatically capture the face and recognition at a very long distance, and can determine whether it is the person in a particularly short period of time. Combined with the attendance system, it can make attendance records quickly, which not only improves the efficiency of attendance, but also ensures that there are no cases of substitute punch cards. In addition, the face recognition system can also be linked with the gate to distinguish the management of internal and external personnel, which is safer and more convenient.
8. Application in public places such as stations and airports
In the identity verification equipment of hotels, airports, stations, etc., the face recognition time and attendance access control technology can quickly and accurately confirm the identity information of people. The visitor's face can be entered in the visitor machine, and that face can be swiped in and slid out in each area after entering the relevant area. With the increasing maturity of key algorithms and technical solutions, non-cooperative, non-perceptive face recognition access control products will emerge, and face recognition attendance access control technology will greatly enhance the experience of using face access control.
Why so many places are using face recognition system?
A. Flexible and diverse personnel entry
There is nothing more painful than information entry when operating attendance system. In order to facilitate the management personnel, the face recognition attendance system supports excel form and photo compressed package with one key import, and the employees can scan the code to enter the information and photos by themselves. When the photos entered by employees need to be replaced, administrators can directly take photos on cell phones to modify them; a series of tedious operations such as importing photos into computers, converting formats, changing names, etc. are not needed in the past.
Second, the passage policy is safe and reliable
Troubled by the staff of private string? Bad management of warehouse and finance room access? The pass strategy of face recognition time and attendance system can be different pass rules, and only the personnel in the rules can pass in the corresponding time period. And the face recognition time and attendance has a detailed record of the entry and exit of personnel, which can safely and reliably manage the entry and exit of internal and external personnel.
This set of face recognition attendance system has been successfully applied to government units, enterprise parks, schools and other scenarios, actively promoting the digital management level of enterprises to improve.
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