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Time Attendance with Face Recognition

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-03-23

Why is facial attendance important?
Every organization needs attendance data and it is important for them to monitor whether the workplace is able to manage attendance. The management department of the company also needs the work situation of the employees, when they work, when they need to take vacation, and the statistics of their salary records.
Through face attendance, HFSecurity provides a face recognition attendance system RA07 cloud software, this cloud face attendance software can determine the attendance time of employees including on-time, early or late information. We sincerely hope that our cloud face attendance solution can help enterprises to capture employee attendance and rollout. And the ability to integrate data with other time management systems.
A more automated, computerized process. What differentiates facial recognition from other biometric technologies is that it can be used for surveillance purposes. For example, public safety agencies want to locate certain individuals, such as wanted criminals, suspected terrorists, and missing children. Facial recognition could potentially help authorities in this task. Facial recognition offers many advantages.
HFSecurity  time attendance with software
Huifan Facial Software is an attendance system with a face recognition system specially designed to provide irrefutable personal verification. It eliminates the inaccuracies of buddy punching, clock filling and time capture. Cloud facial software FR has a data export function that can be used to work with other systems such as ERP, payroll, etc.
The system captures faces in public spaces, thereby minimizing legal issues, for the reasons described below. Additionally, facial recognition can be done without any physical contact since faces can be captured from a distance.
The face recognition technology is based on the facial features of the person, and the input face image or video stream. First determine whether there is a human face, if there is a human face, then further give the position, size and position information of each main facial organ of each face. And based on this information, the identity features contained in each face are further extracted and compared with known faces to identify the identity of each face.
In addition, it also conforms to the visual characteristics: the characteristics of "recognizing people by appearance", as well as the characteristics of simple operation, intuitive results, and good concealment.
Facial recognition software has many advantages, except for the corporate face attendance work that we mainly cover in this article. There are also police, military, and other defense agencies primarily using facial recognition software to protect their private data from terrorists and the harmful environment.
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As of now, almost every field is using this technology to protect their daily operations from being extrapolated by others. The most common of these are in smartphones for phone unlock systems, by Facebook for auto-tagging, and in various organizations for employee time and attendance systems.
What problems does face recognition facial attendance software solve?
Fraud Attendance
Most modern government offices previously had traditional paper-based time attendance systems. Employees mark their start and end times on a piece of paper. Details of supervisor approval records. This manual attendance process is time-consuming and error-prone. Biometric attendance can prevent misconduct related to government office attendance. Compared with attendance sheets, face recognition attendance can solve the following problems:
* Identifying attendance will enable them to record daily attendance details without any contact with the attendance system.
* A working day consists of eight hours. Biometric attendance will assist in adhering to this schedule. Automated systems ensure that attendance at government offices is properly recorded. Late arrivals, departures and breaks will be systematically counted.
Reduce the cost
Management is the backbone of any company. No company can survive for a long time with weak management. If the employees of a company are the jewel in the crown, then the management is the diamond in the center. Cost management is an important part of this. Profits can be maximized by reducing the company's overall expenses, but the quality of the product should not be compromised. Biometric attendance can be used to achieve this.
Management is the backbone of any company. No company can survive for long with weak management. If a company's employees are the crown jewel, then management is the diamond in the center. Cost management is an important part of this. Profits can be maximized by reducing the company's overall expenses, but the quality of the product should not be compromised. Biometric attendance can be used to achieve this.
HFSecurity face recognition with time attendance
Facial recognition attendance systems can be used to record employee details. This is a modern technology that eliminates the need for many HR personnel. Corporate homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and other such locations are populated by large numbers of people. Need to track their attendance and time spent at the venue. Leaves need to be calculated. Appointing an individual to manage all employee details would prove uneconomical. The software will reduce costs without compromising quality.
Biometric attendance with facial recognition can help companies with their finances by:
* Provide more time to increase productivity: Biometric time attendance systems automate time attendance, payroll calculations and other related tasks. It saves the employer time. He can focus on improving productivity and leave the paperwork at the helm of the application. Time is money; saving time is saving the company money! Also, machines do less work than humans make mistakes. Attendance using facial recognition will yield faster and more accurate results.
* Fewer hassles than employees: Hiring employees to take care of the job can be a hassle compared to gadgets. Employees need to be paid on a regular basis. They may need time off due to illness, events, festivals and other such occasions. The face recognition attendance system has no such trouble. It does not need to be regularly paid for its work. Confidential data of applications is more secure compared to employees.
*Face recognition by fingerprint and access control card: The software can also be combined with access control card and fingerprint reader. In the long run, however, companies may find so-called expensive technology justified and cheap. Access cards need to be replaced regularly. The cost of printing access cards is high. Unlike fingerprint readers and other biometric attendance, facial recognition is based on "no touch" technology. This makes them less susceptible to physical damage. !
1) Corporate, residential security and management. Such as face recognition access control and attendance system, face recognition security door, etc.
2) Electronic passport and ID card.
3) Public security, judicial and criminal investigation. Such as the use of facial recognition systems and networks to search for fugitives around the world.
4) Self-service. For example, in a bank's ATM, if the user's card and password are stolen, others will defraud cash. This can be avoided if face recognition is applied at the same time.
5) Information security. Such as computer login, e-government and e-commerce.
The combination of face recognition technology and access control system, that is, face access control recognition machine, is also widely used in various places, and the functions and advantages shown make face access control recognition machines are also favored by most customers. With such a widely used face access control recognition machine, I believe there are still many people who don’t know what technologies it uses, so let’s take a look with the editor of Shenzhen Gibbs Technology!
1. What technologies does Huifan face access control recognition machine have?
1. The most obvious technology is face recognition technology. Face recognition technology is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information for identification. It mainly involves four functions: preprocessing of the acquired original images, face location, face feature parameter extraction and face database comparison and recognition. The main contents of face recognition technology are as follows:
1) Face detection is to determine whether there is a face image in dynamic scenes and chaotic scenes, and extract the face image. This value is used to establish whether there is a face. Because the human face has certain structural characteristics, the face specification method in short obtains such characteristics, and converts it into a relative specification to establish whether the test template contains a human face.
HFSecurity fr05 biometric time attendance with software
2) The skin color model method is based on the skin color appearance standard to monitor the relative concentration value of the outer diffusion in the color space. The eigenface approach treats all face image sets as face image subspaces, and establishes the existence of face images according to the distance between the test copies and their projections in the middle of the sub-holes.
3) Face tracking Appearance tracking refers to dynamic tracking of the monitored appearance. Choose in detail how the composition is based on model or motion and model. Beyond that, tracking using the skin's color model is a simple and effective technique.
2, followed by access control system technology. The main contents are as follows:
1) System modularization. The different functions of the access control system are divided into multiple functional modules, such as system configuration, personnel configuration, real-time monitoring, report query, attendance, patrol, garage and consumption, etc., which is not only easier for users to understand, but also facilitates system expansion and Requirement configuration.
2) High security. Security is generally reflected in system security and device security. System security refers to the system itself, and the database used can better ensure the stable storage and access security of data. The user multi-level management mechanism is divided into multiple items according to the functional structure table of the system. Each operator can distinguish many different permissions, including browsing and control of equipment, maps, zone groups, tasks, areas and computers, as well as reading, writing, modifying and printing functions of each module. Device security refers to the authorization control of the device by the cardholder.
2. What features does the Gibbs face access control recognition machine have?
1. Recognition can not be affected by ambient light.
2. Voice prompt, the voice prompts whether the verification of the face is successful.
3. You can set the device status and upload information through the network.
4. The identification method is the same as the biological characteristics used for individual identification.
5. The face access control recognition machine adopts the method of locating key areas of the face, which has good security.
6. The face access control recognition machine can upload access control attendance records and photos through network software.
7. The face access control recognition machine adopts three-dimensional recognition technology, and the recognition degree is stronger than that of two-dimensional face recognition attendance.
8. It is easy to operate, and functions such as personnel registration, facial recognition, and storage records can be completed without connecting to a computer.
In short, the face access control recognition system is not only convenient and fast, but also safe and reliable. With the support of many technologies, it is widely used in many fields. I hope this article is helpful to you, and you can have a better understanding of the technology and features of the face access control recognition machine
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