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6 Reasons to USE Time Attendance Management Software

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-07-15

In order to find business opportunities, and thus improve the company's ability to survive, it generally only looks for external factors, rather than exploring the internal factors of affairs. The development of science and technology, the change of society, and more facts tell us that enterprises must adapt to the development of modern technology and follow the development of modern technology, so that they can save time to an extent and bring good operating conditions to enterprises.
In the world of the 21st century, the workforce's blockchain is constantly developing and improving. If an enterprise or organization wants to adapt to this change, it must consider in many ways. For example, a diverse workforce, young people, middle-aged people, highly-educated talents, etc. can bring elements of ideological collision to the enterprise; the multi-hell workforce, the factors brought by the hell in the south and the north, etc., can produce different idea. The nature of the work, employees choose to travel office or home office, these are factors that need to adapt and improve. For a leader manager, managing these variable factors, cost, efficiency, time, will be a very difficult job.
According to an anonymous international survey, 80% of workers in the enterprise admitted their "theft" of time. They spend time arbitrarily without the knowledge of the leader, resulting in low work efficiency and increased production costs. At this time, all small business owners are aware of this problem and must solve the problem of time in this respect, because the attendance management system is born with the application.
HFSecurity RA08T Facial Time Attendance Management Software
6 Reasons to USE Time Attendance Management Software
According to a survey by the American Payroll Association, 65% of companies surveyed said that they have now discovered an attendance management system, and they will use automatic attendance records, payroll, and personnel transfers. This move greatly reduced the work pressure of the personnel department and the finance department, and brought vitality and a healthy state to the company's collation and operation.
1. Accuracy
Even colleagues in the professional department with a long working age, they may also make calculation errors due to a number, which will affect the company's finances and employees' salary settlement belt. Even in the HR for many years, they may have a slight error in the attendance record, the calculation is wrong, and attendance. All day busy with scheduling, counting these trivial things, but unable to focus on the promotion of personnel within the organization, the company's vitality development.
The attendance management system is different, he has complete computing power
The employee only needs to enter the employee's information, working hours, and off hours in the time and attendance system, then the time and attendance management will automatically generate these data, and the employee can publish it according to the form generated by the time and attendance management system. Automated work can reduce the trouble caused by manually entering data, minimize losses, and save all costs of the organization. Therefore, the use of the attendance management system can effectively improve the completeness of employee attendance and the accuracy of data.
2. Economics
Using time attendance management software can effectively cost, this cost is the same not only for the enterprise, but also for employees. Once the attendance management system is adopted, employees will have an obvious concept of attendance, they will not obscure the concept of time, and the situation of being late or leaving early will also be reduced, greatly reducing the fines due to attendance.
For organizations, the use of time and attendance management software can effectively reduce the employment cost of personnel due to the employment of professional personnel. They only need to pay for the use of software. For enterprises with software development capabilities, this expenditure is also avoided. Too. Therefore, from the perspective of economics, adopting an attendance management system is feasible.
3. Efficiency
Using the time  attendance management system can effectively improve work efficiency. Why do you say that? Using an attendance management system can reduce the docking of multiple personnel due to paper leave. Those who need to ask for leave only need to file an application on the attendance management system. At this time, the corresponding superior leader will receive a notification to avoid the situation of miners being late due to the lack of corresponding personnel. Similarly, because the attendance management system is adopted, all data is retained in the cloud software, and it is convenient for secondary monitoring and retrieval afterwards. It is not necessary to read the cumbersome documents and paper materials, which greatly improves the resource optimization of each department, and this colleague also improves the productivity of the organization and brings increased profits.
4. Easy process management
Using the integrated time attendance management system can make the data have good transparency and clarity. And can effectively simplify the leave, salary, performance assessment, promotion and other work processes.
5. Integration
All organizations can customize the time attendance management system of all their own companies according to their own requirements, distinguishing others from other management systems, and can also enhance the organization's own cultural value. You can customize whether you need wireless, local area network, mobile attendance, etc. according to your own requirements. All of them need face + punch card function, whether to recognize stranger warning.
RA08T facial time attendance management system can solve all your problems. It has automatic scheduling function, facial recognition, stranger alarm function, supports 4G wireless TCP/IP and other network conditions. Time and attendance data will be stored in your own service period to ensure your safety.
attendance management system software
6. Security
Most time and attendance management systems are based on biometric points and will not be modified by data lost or stolen.
The use of elements of biometric feature points to participate in the attendance management system greatly improves the security and convenience of the system. It is also very easy to manage.
The administrator only needs a computer with a network to view and monitor the attendance management system. ,
Through the analysis of the above 6 points, do you want to consider using the attendance management system? With the attendance management system, it can cope with the company's various work processes, various data calculations, and various statistical reports with ease, reducing the work efficiency. Such a good attendance management system, what are you waiting for?