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Throughout World of Biological Characteristics Password Can Not Be Copied

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Biometric technology mainly refers to a technology for hfteco authentication through human biological characteristics, biological characteristics unique to humans generally can be measured or automatic identification and verification, genetic or other characteristics constant for life, thus biometric authentication technology there is a big advantage over traditional authentication techniques. Since the human body has a human characteristic inherent uniqueness can not be replicated, the biological keys can not be copied, stolen or forgotten, the use biometric fingerprint door lock of biometrics for identity identification, safe, reliable and accurate. The common password, IC cards, bar code, magnetic card or key there is the lost, forgotten, copied and misappropriated many unfavorable factors. 
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In India, more than 500 million people do not have formal proof of identity, such as the inability to bring the receive state subsidies, bank account, obtain a driving school and many other issues, is not conducive to social stability and development. Aadhar plans to demographic and biometric combination of the above problems can be solved. In addition to the accuracy of human intentional, in general, the individual physiological characteristics is relatively stable, much will not change, which proved in demographics, identity provides a strong guarantee, lower allowances impersonator phenomenon occur. Biological password can not be copied with a unique, compared to other traditional cryptography, the use of biometrics for identification, more secure, reliable, accurate, and at the same time eliminating the need to forget your password, your password is stolen or lost password unnecessary trouble occurs.