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Three moves to teach you to choose biometric devices

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-21

As a potential product in the future identification technology, biometric identification can be said to have a very promising future of use. Then, for the biometric identification equipment selection, how should we grasp?
First, the choice of equipment, application positioning is most important
Compared with our ordinary and common ordinary access control equipment. Biometric identification system brings more convenience to our life, but, at the same time, has the pettiness which is difficult to make up. Therefore, for the application of biometric identification, and the choice of the location used, undoubtedly to maintain more caution.
For biometric access control system, we must first understand the field of application of this product, for the number of users in the technical people, fingerprint wear and tear is small, and is located in the high-grade office environment of the user (less likely to be contaminated), fingerprint identification is a good choice. At present, for our domestic fingerprint scanner recognition equipment, the correct recognition rate is basically maintained at about ninety-five percent, for dozens of people in the small environment is sufficient to meet. And for some more people or in a certain time use high frequency environment, some foreign fingerprint identification equipment is afraid to meet the needs of users better.
how to choose right biometric device from china
And for the number of users maintain in a hundred or even a thousand people above, or some relatively important department, palm-shaped instrument or three-dimensional face type recognition equipment is a good choice inside the similar equipment. In fact, for recognition quality, iris recognition instrument in the application also has good performance, just because the use is not very convenient, so more in some high-end laboratory and other environmental applications.
Second, security equipment, security is always the first
how to choose access control biometric device
For identification equipment, its role is to identify and determine the identity of the visitor, excluding the danger of a "screening" type of equipment. And for different security levels of the application environment, its security level is not the same. For access control biometric devices, iris recognition security is undoubtedly the most advanced, it will use a variety of biological cooperation in the work of the way to determine the characteristics of biological samples. Thus, the highest level of security performance is achieved. And for slightly more general security level equipment, it will take the product performance of different biological species to distinguish the difference between different objects. For example, three-dimensional recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. And for simple biometric applications, relatively in the basic position of palm recognition may be the most affordable choice for such users.
Third, recognition application, function decides the cost performance
For biometric identification system, although the rich function may help us to accomplish more work, but in the use, the function more may not be the best performance. Some times, with the increase of the function, the applicability of the device will be decreased instead, and for such a long and short, it is obviously very unworthy. So, what is the most critical for the usability of the device?
In terms of the current user needs, mainly in the following aspects: First of all, according to the needs, determine what kind of biometric system to use, confirm whether it is fingerprint recognition applications or palm recognition technology has more needs. In addition, according to the location of the access control system, the importance, and the degree of convenience and other aspects, decide to use an integrated device? Or a combination of front-end recognition and more specialized access control equipment. Further, it is based on the complexity of the system, such as the stability of the system or recognition speed, etc., to choose a product that best suits their application. This product can be both domestic equipment, but also can be imported equipment
how to choose biometric device