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The fingerprint machine is out! Mobile attendance is king!

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-07-22

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Attendance management is a kind of management system in which the enterprise inspects and manages employees' attendance. With the attendance record, we can know whether the employee is late or early, whether the employee is absent from work or not. 
However, HR is still complaining about attendance statistics. 
"As HR, the monthly attendance statistics are really painful, what should I do?"
"May I ask how the company's HR attendance statistics are statistics, very troublesome? "
"How to simplify the tedious attendance affairs of HR personnel?"
Why does HR complain about attendance management? 
1. Less effective data and increased workload
Traditional attendance machines such as paper punch CARDS, fingerprint punch CARDS, new face recognition and other common concerns about recording simple data. There are no other data such as scheduling management, leave management (paid annual leave management), card replacement management, overtime application management, etc., which need to be added manually by HR. 
However, the work content of HR is more than attendance management. If attendance accounts for the majority of the work content of HR, it will inevitably lead to the subsequent work of HR cannot be completed, and enterprises will have to increase staff. 
2. The phenomenon of punching out is serious, and the attendance system is in vain
A mechanical paper punching machine, which allows anyone to punch in as long as the card is inserted into the attendance machine, no need for the employee to arrive at the attendance site. As a result, even if an employee arrives late, leaves early or takes time off work, he or she will be fully present if someone else clocks in on time every day. 
This is unfair to those who work hard every day. At that time, it will turn into the phenomenon that you help me punch in and I punch in for you. What is the significance of this kind of attendance? 
3.High maintenance cost
As long as the machine has the service life, the use process will inevitably appear the breakdown. Regular maintenance is not only costly but also disrupts the attendance system. When the machine breaks down, employees can't clock in and get attendance statistics. 
4. Field personnel cannot move the clock
The physical punching machine is not able to solve the attendance of field staff. Although enterprises have come up with methods such as telephone reporting and photo reporting, the operation is cumbersome, HR statistics are difficult and energy-consuming, so it is natural for HR to complain. 
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Therefore, with the development of the mobile Internet, mobile attendance system comes into being. It not only solves the problem of punching in the field but also helps enterprises to save office expenses and labor costs greatly. 
For example, Huifan mobile fingerprint attendance tablet (HF-FP07), which integrates personnel management, attendance management, and attendance data management. Using digitization and intellectualization, the efficiency of statistics, calculation, and analysis of human resource management are improved, and the heavy and laborious work in human resource management is solved.  
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Attendance management includes punching and fieldwork, which can realize multi-dimensional attendance, false attendance, and other multi-dimensional functions. 
1.Multidimensional attendance
Employee information is set on the mobile attendance tablet, and both GPS and wifi are enabled to punch in, even in the field. 
2.Export attendance data report
FP07 fingerprint tablet supports the downloading of attendance data report, which can see the attendance status of employees
FP07 Fingerprint Handheld Terminal how to prevent cheating on attendance? 
1.GPS positioning system
2.Set attendance WIFI
3.Photo uploading function
4.Fingerprint tablet with cloud HR management & automation system, biometric technology
At the same time as the paperless office, it can also free HR's hands and improve HR's office efficiency, all of which are based on Huifan's powerful attendance function.
Nowadays, with the continuous popularity of mobile attendance software, the process of mobile office has entered the fast lane. Just as companies started adding computers and quickly put businesses into office automation. It is believed that shortly, mobile attendance ability will also become the standard of enterprises