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The Usage of Access Control Device in Prison Management

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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Access Control System Use of Prison
As one of the perpetrators of the prison's main detention sites, the construction and use of prison access control system, prison supervision will inject new ideas and scientific management, to build a high-tech platform for all aspects of the work, the prison management level reached high and new level in the new century to create the foundation.
Access by modern high-tech prison system management tools, to build a complete, integrated, reliable, easy to operate prisons integrated access control systems to act as an organic whole prison monitoring and management. Access through modern management tools to effectively prevent, deter and reduce the likelihood and dangers of Prison Break, prison violence and other accidents.
Prison access control system in the technical basis "RBS-Ⅱ" on strict compliance with modern high-security prison administration, research and development from high reliability requirements. Its biggest feature is the requirement for the management of prisons in different regions to adopt different management models, professional applications in the access control system is a large prison management.
Program benefits:
In full compliance with the prison management practices, citing close wind, leaked concept used martial law.
Focus area can be dual controller hot backup program to ensure that the system is absolutely secure.
Auto Arming disarming, a variety of alarm level to ensure the safety of the system.
Super **, readers can add metal protection, in line with environmental needs high security prison.
High-capacity, fast response, 100,000 cardholders response time of less than 0.2 seconds.