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The unknown knowledge of face recognition system

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-10-09

What is facial recognition?
Face recognition is a biometric technology based on facial feature information. A series of related technologies that use a video camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track the faces in the images, and then perform face recognition on the detected faces (commonly also called face recognition) ), recognition.
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Facial recognition compares the facial features to be recognized with the acquired facial feature templates, and judges the identity information of the face based on the similarity. The process is divided into two categories: one is confirmation, which is a process of one-to-one image comparison, and the other is recognition, which is a process of one-to-many image matching and comparison.
What are the benefits of a facial recognition system?
1. Security
Are you still worried about your identity information being stolen? The advent of face recognition technology completely solves this problem. Even if someone else gets our personal information, they cannot operate anything related to their own information. If the face recognition fails, it cannot be operated. In this way, there is a high level of protection for personal information, and people can rest assured of the convenience brought by face recognition.
2. Fast
The efficiency of face recognition is 3-5 times higher than that of manual. Now many supermarkets have opened face recognition payments. As long as the products scanned by themselves can be successfully paid through Alipay’s face recognition, this saves human resources and greatly improves work efficiency. Although the manual payment window in supermarkets is now larger than the face recognition window, face recognition will certainly be fully implemented in the future.
3. Identification
Face recognition implements the real-name system, which means that if the information does not match the face, it is impossible to pass. Therefore, in many high-speed railway stations, passenger stations, etc., all the face recognition systems are used at the ticket check window, so that the evasion can be quickly identified Or illegal personnel. This technology is a major breakthrough in Chinese technology and has created a safer and more convenient way of life for the people.
4. High efficiency
Face recognition can be widely used in various access control situations, such as the entrance control of the gates of communities, schools, industrial areas, office buildings, etc. Compared with other traditional access control methods, the recognition of personnel is accurate and fast, which can greatly reduce the investment in manpower. The recognition ability is completely higher than that of manpower, so the application of manual recognition is efficient and attractive.
5. Experience
The contactless recognition technology used in face recognition allows people to pass through the face recognition equipment without feeling, and has a very good experience for people, which can free people's hands; at the same time, there is no contact, which can reduce people's contact and avoid people during the epidemic. The crossover risk is also very useful.
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Facial recognition problems, objections and shortcomings
1. Similarity
There is not much difference between different individuals. The structures of all human faces are similar, and even the structure and appearance of facial organs are very similar. Such a feature is advantageous for using human faces for positioning, but it is disadvantageous for using human faces to distinguish human individuals.
2. Mismatch
When the user range is not limited, the accuracy of the facial system will be reduced. Consider a retail chain that uses facial recognition to match customers with a database of known shoplifters. As more and more people enter their store, it becomes very likely that someone is very similar to a known shoplifter and is incorrectly matched. Due to poor image quality, images taken at poor angles and insufficient light can also cause errors.
3. Variability
The shape of the face is very unstable. People can produce many expressions through changes in the face. The visual image of the face varies greatly from different viewing angles. In addition, face recognition is also affected by light conditions (such as day and night, Indoor and outdoor, etc.), many face coverings (such as masks, sunglasses, hair, beards, etc.), age and other factors.
In face recognition device, the first type of change should be amplified and used as a criterion for distinguishing individuals, while the second type of change should be eliminated because they can represent the same individual. The first type of change is usually called inter-class difference, and the second type of change is called intra-class difference. For human faces, intra-class changes are often greater than inter-class changes, which makes it extremely difficult to distinguish individuals by using inter-class changes under the interference of intra-class changes.
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Where is privacy? Will face recognition cause privacy leaks?
According to foreign media reports, the top social networking company Facebook quietly launched a face recognition technology that automatically recognizes people in photos last year, triggering a new round of privacy concerns.
Facebook's  "tag recommendation" feature uses facial recognition technology to make it faster for users to add tags to relatives and friends. Facebook automatically turns on this feature for users, and this feature has been enabled in the United States and most countries. Facebook responded in the face of external doubts, "When we launched this service, we should have made users more clear." Facebook also stated in a statement that the photo tag recommendation function is only activated when new photos are uploaded to Facebook, and only friends are Recommended, and users can turn off this feature through privacy settings.
Photo software and online services such as Google PICasa and Apple iPhoto also use facial recognition technology, but Facebook has more than 500 million users, and the use of facial recognition technology is bound to cause more difficult privacy issues.
Nowadays, the face recognition technology is very mature. I believe that the application of face recognition will be more extensive in the near future. This technology truly realizes the concept of convenient and efficient services, and at the same time avoids the occurrence of insecurity risks. The development of the face recognition industry is also very rapid. With the technological innovation of the times, face recognition will eventually continue to make breakthroughs!
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