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The ultimate guide to real-time fingerprint scanning

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-09-27

Background on Real-Time Scanning


Digital fingerprinting aka LiveScan Back in 1977, the DOJ developed an automated background check process that used a device called LiveScan and was legislated. Digitizing fingerprints saves time and money by electronically transmitting fingerprint images to DOJ



What are the benefits of real-time scanning?



The real-time scanning process helps avoid many of the problems associated with ink printing. Examples include smudges, stains, and too much or not enough ink. Fingerprints are transmitted directly to the Department of Justice, this is one of the benefits of real-time fingerprint scanning. The Department of Justice conducts a criminal background check based on your fingerprints and the results are sent to your employer or licensing structure within 24 to 28 hours.

 HFSecurity Live Scan Fingerprint Machine


What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?


Real-time scanning is a digital fingerprint identification process that replaces traditional ink fingerprint identification in a usable state. The applicant's fingerprints are securely transmitted to the government agency that runs the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for criminal history background checks.


For certain types of state-issued licenses, employment and volunteer work, real-time scanning is often required by law. The quality of the fingerprint image and the turnaround time of the results of a live scan will have advantages over traditional devices that use inked fingerprints.


Operators can capture accurate, high quality fingerprints as well as palm print patterns in a matter of minutes. And obviously the LiveScan fingerprint identification solution is 100% paperless and inkless.. LiveScan is unique and rigorous in biometric identification and is particularly suitable for government agencies such as border entry and exit, embassies.Livescan fingerprint recognition is faster, easier and more accurate than traditional ink-based fingerprint recognition. Thanks to the most technologically advanced and highest quality electronic fingerprint identification products and devices, we can provide you and your business with fast, easy and accurate live fingerprint identification.



Capture and send prints in seconds



If any single fingerprint recognition application proves that technology has taken over, it's LiveScan. With 100% paperless and inkless operation, the LiveScan fingerprint capture device is easy to use and allows operators to obtain fast, ready, high quality digital fingerprint and palm print images.

HFSecurity Live Scan Fingerprint Scan Device

With its powerful biometric DNA, LiveScan is ideal for use in law enforcement agencies and civilian environments.

Whether you are identifying criminals or monitoring employees, the system is equally easy to use. liveScan captures a subject's fingerprint and electronically sends a converted digital image within minutes. Its seamless operation and fast capture-to-booking system allows you to customize business rules and integrate with new scanner hardware.

A key feature of LiveScan is bi-directional XML data exchange. This feature eliminates redundant data entry and speeds up any investigation.



What is a requesting organization?


A requesting agency is an organization that requires a Live Scan applicant to obtain a Live Scan. This could be an employer, law enforcement agency, school, non-profit organization, home care agency, etc.

The requesting agency is sometimes referred to as the requesting agency.



How does the entire process work?


A trained and certified Live Scan Specialist will use the Live Scan system to capture fingerprints. By means of 4G/wireless or network transmission, fingerprint data is sent through a program written in the background to the structure to be used for verification backup.. Fingerprinting will typically take 10 to 15 minutes for persons whose fingerprints are scanned on site in real time by a fingerprinting operator, and whether or not there is a charge for the service depends on the agency providing the service.

Where do I get a live scan?


Who needs a live scan?

 Real-time scanning is required by the state and federal government for all types of individuals, including (but not limited to): real estate brokers, licensed DMV professionals, notaries, foster parents, teachers, appraisers, caregivers, stockbrokers, contractors, nurses, doctors, surgeons, security personnel, volunteers, and attorneys.

Who needs real time fingerprint scanning? 

Seniors, dependent adults and children, as well as those who hold important jobs in government agencies.


Is a Live Scan the same as a background check?

A live scan fingerprint machine  is a form of background check required by the state and federal government; it is often used for state-issued licenses, employment or volunteer work.. It is also typically required for (but not limited to) those who hold positions of trust with populations such as vulnerable citizens, seniors, dependent adults and children.

The government will check the submitted fingerprints against its database to retrieve the individual's criminal record.


Why real-time scanning?

Universal Acceptance - Fingerprints are accepted worldwide as an accurate method of personal identification. Because no two fingerprints are the same, fingerprints provide a unique "human seal of approval". More than 1500 years ago, the Chinese already used fingerprint identification in their lives.


Inkless, High-Tech Accuracy - Real-time scanning fingerprinting refers to the technology and techniques used to electronically capture fingerprints. The process is inkless, capturing fingerprints digitally on a computer and then electronically transmitting the image to the FBI, Department of Justice or other authorized agencies for criminal background checks or other purposes.

Faster Results - Real-time scanning for digital submissions provides the fastest way to submit and process background checks. In the United States, most law enforcement agencies use real-time scanning as the primary tool for identifying individuals. Within 72 hours, the results of the live scan are verified and a result value is returned.


How accurate is LiveScan fingerprint identification?

Because there is no ink involved in the booking process, the LiveScan system that Bio7 plus uses provides a better way for individuals to generate consistent, high-quality fingerprint images.

It prevents many of the problems associated with ink printing, such as smudging, smearing and over- or under-inking; therefore, reducing rejection rates.

 HFSecurity Live Scan Fingerprint Machine

 Fingerprint image acquisition, storage, transmission and final printing are all integrated in one software, which is very ergonomic for a work behavior trajectory.

How fast is fingerprint recognition with LiveScan?


One of the main advantages of HFSecurity's LiveScan product is the speed of processing. After digitizing fingerprint images, they can be transmitted electronically in seconds, rather than the days it would take to send hard copy fingerprint cards through the mail.


The LiveScan image capture process has a preview feature that allows each fingerprint to be displayed in real time during the capture process, often providing instant positive identification during the booking process.

Can LiveScan be integrated with other biometric solutions?


LiveScan products at the time of its emergence can only run alone acquisition, pairing, with the continuous development of technology, integrated systems continue to adapt. Now the development of real-time fingerprint scanning has become more complete and can be integrated with multiple databases.

When the AFIS Automatic Fingerprint Identification System is turned on, the LiveScan device can be linked to the AFIS system through the network, and the AFIS system transmits the data to the desired area. This simplifies the data transfer process.


How easy is LiveScan to use?

The LiveScan fingerprinting system developed by HFSecurity features an intuitive user interface and easy-to-follow menus that require minimal training to accelerate user adoption.

With HFSecurity's LiveScan, fingerprint images are captured, printed, stored and transmitted on an ergonomic workstation, making it very easy to use - even for inexperienced users.


LiveScan Gets Smart

In our latest development, HFSecurity has transformed LiveScan fingerprint scanning with biometrics into a sleek, scalable, secure and easy-to-use solution for managing forensic-grade fingerprint, palmprint, facial and iris images. HFSecurity also provides better options for capturing these multimodal biometric images.

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